Jagannath Hora 7.52 Alpha

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You can download "JHora 7.52 alpha" update at:

Unzip it and run the file (jh_update.exe) that you get. It will install
7.52 alpha. Of course, you can install this update only if you have 7.3
or a later version already. Otherwise, make a fresh installation of 7.51
and then install this update over it.

The changes from 7.51 are mentioned below.

Changes from 7.51 to 7.52 Alpha:

(1) Ashtottari dasa and Shashtihayani dasa calculation were not using
Abhijit correctly. It is fixed now.
(3) Nakshatra shift in Ashtottari dasa and Shashtihayani dasa were not
working correctly, as they are defined based on blocks of 4 or 3
nakshatras. It is fixed now. One can start Ashtottari dasa from either
Krittika or Ardra as taught by Lomasha Rishi.
(3) Planetary aspect table with relationships marked as color codes is
added. This table shows the amount of aspect of different planets on
different planets or houses, color coded by relationships. Please check
the popup menu on charts.
(4) Quantification of special aspects of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn used
in shadbala and "planetary aspect evaluation" were as per Dr Raman's
teachings. Now, an option is added to follow Dr Raman's teachings or
Parasara's teachings (default). The option can be accessed from the
pop-up menu of aspect table.
(5) The nakshatra dasa seed shift is made more user friendly now. The
default nakshatra from where dasas are counted is shown and one can
explicitly enter an alternative start nakshatra for research.
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