what is "Malika Yoga" ?

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Requesting experts to explain "Malika Yoga".
Some astrologer claimed that I have Malika Yoga. Can anyone take the pain of explaining me in detail ?
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    If benefics are in the tenth house from the Moon, it constitutes Amla Yoga. The native will be of righteous conduct, benevolently inclined, wealthy and prosperous and will occupy a good position in life.

    If benefics occupy the tenth house from the ascendant then also Amla Yoga is caused and the result will be the same as in (I) above.

    (a) If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus occupy any of the following houses, first second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth or tenth and
    (b) if Jupiter is in his exaltation or occupies his own or a friend's sign, Saraswati Yoga is formed. The native will be very intelligent, learned, famous, and fortunate. He may be a good poet.

    If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus or the Moon occupy the ninth house and are with bright rays, i.e. not combust, and are conjoined or aspected by friends, the native rises to a very exalted position.

    If all the seven planets* occupy one sign, it is called Gola Yoga. The native would be poor and associate with low people. He will be devoid of wealth. His actions will be sinful. He will be indolent and will have a short life.

    If all the seven planets occupy two signs, it constitutes Yuga Yoga. The native will be poor and hypocrite.

    If all the seven planets occupy three signs, it constitutes Shoola Yoga. The native will be cruel, ill tempered and lead an indigent life.

    If the seven planets occupy four signs, it is called Kedara Yoga. The native will own agricultural lands and will be rich.

    If all the seven planets are in five signs, the Yoga is called Pasha. The native will have financial affluence, good relatives, will be of good conduct, and enjoy life.

    If the seven planets occupy six signs, the Yoga is called Dama. The native will be benevolently inclined, generous, and occupy a good position in life.

    If the seven planets occupy seven signs, it constitutes Veena Yoga. It is also called Vallaki Yoga. The native will be fond of singing, dancing, and all arts and will be rich.

    In Yogas (5) to (11) above, the locations of planets need not be in contiguous signs. We are now describing twelve Yogas in which the seven planets occupy seven contiguous signs. If all the seven planets occupy seven contiguous signs and no sign in between in untenanted by a planet then:

    (i.) from the first to the seventh house, the native occupies a kingly position and has a host of conveyances.

    (ii.) From the second to the eighth house, the native is good looking, very wealthy, persevering, endowed with many virtues, occupies a very high position and is devoted to his father;

    (iii.) From the third to the ninth house, the native is very courageous and wealthy. He occupies a high rank but is sickly;

    (iv.) From the fourth to the tenth house, the native enjoys the luxuries of many kinds, is very generous and occupies a kingly position;

    (v.) From the fifth to the eleventh house, the native performs Yajnas (religious sacrificial worship according to religious codes), he earns name and fame and occupies an outstandingly respected position;

    (vi.) From the sixth to the twelfth house, the native is generally very poor; only occasionally he will have a little money or comforts;

    (vii.) From the seventh to the first house, the native is the darling of many damsels and occupies a good rank in life;

    (viii.) From the eighth to the second house, the native will be long-lived, but without wealth; he will be henpecked or under the influence of women;

    (ix.) From the ninth to the third house, the native is devoted to religious austerities and worship. He is endowed with many qualities and occupies a good position in life. He is wealthy and prosperous.

    (x.) From the tenth to the fourth house, the native pursues useful activities. He is devout and religious and is respected by gentle folk;

    (xi.) From the eleventh to the fifth house, he has a good woman as his wife, possesses precious jewellery and is a capable administrator;

    (xii.) from the twelfth to the sixth house, the native spends very heavily; is respected everywhere.

    In these twelve kinds of Malika Yoga, also called Ekavali one planet in each sign successively-consideration has be paid whether the signs occupies are signs of exaltation, own signs of signs of friends or enemies or signs of debilitation. For example, if the Moon is in Cancer, the Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter is Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn it will be a powerful Malika Yoga. Conversely, if the planets are in their sings of debilitation or in enemies signs, this will not be able to do much good.

    The placement of lords of houses and other features also from important factors on which astrological delineations are based and naturally different shades of effects will be produced according to the blending of influences.

    If all the benefics occupy the fifth, sixth and seventh houses from the ascendant, this constitutes Shubha Mala Yoga. The native will be wealthy and occupy a good position in life.

    If all the benefics occupy the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses from ascendant, it is called Ashubha Mala Yoga and the result is evil. There will be heavy expenses and the native will not be happy.

    If Venus in Taurus or Libra is in the fourth, the Moon in the ninth and other planets in the third, sixth and eleventh, the native owns land and rules over it.

    If the Moon, Venus and Saturn are in angles, Mars in the eighth and the Sun in the twelfth (or both Sun and Mars in the eighth or twelfth), the native does not stick to one place and has to face adversities in life.

    If there are planets in the ascendant, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth houses and no planets occupy the eighth and twelfth, it is very good Yoga. The native occupies an important position, has religious and benevolent inclinations, is courteous, learned and wealthy.

    If all the planets are in the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses, the native is very fortunate and occupies a prominent position. This Yoga is called Mangal.

    If all the planets are in the second fifth eight and eleventh houses, it called Madhya Yoga. The effect is moderate wealth and position. Sometimes the native accumulates money; at other times he is poor.

    If all the planets are in the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses, the Yoga is called Kleeva (literally, the work means impotent, but in this context it means powerless). The native does not succeed in attaining a high position or accumulating wealth. He generally leads a static existence and happiness and comforts are not his.

    If the Moon and Mars are together in the ascendant and Jupiter is in the ninth or tenth house from the ascendant and the Sun in strong, the native will be wealthy and occupy a high position in life.

    If Mars and Saturn be in the first, fifth or tenth house and the full Moon occupies the ninth house, the native occupies a very high rank.

    If all the planets occupy angles and trines and any of them is in his sign of exaltation, the native becomes a king or equal to a king; is very generous and leads a luxurious life.

    If the native is born on a Tuesday or Saturday and if the Sun and the Moon are in the first, fifth or ninth house and if Jupiter is in the third, or in an angle from the ascendant, the native will be fickle-minded like an insane person.

    If the Moon and Mercury are in angles from the ascendant and are not aspected by their dispositors nor are they conjoined with other planets, the native may suffer from schizophrenia or insanity.

    If the Moon and Jupiter together are in an angle and aspected by Venus, this confers great wealth and a good position provided that there is no planet in debilitati on

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