Guru and shukra in the same house

topic posted Fri, April 16, 2010 - 7:09 AM by  Sivaram
Hello Learned friends,
I am learning to analyze vedic charts and starting with mine.
I have a few questions and would appreciate your answers.

1. I have Shukra/Guru in the 9th house form Lagna (DOB July 3 1977, 1230 pm Chennai India). I understand that there is a clash between the two. How does this affect the period Gu/Sa/Shukra (dasa/ bhukti/antara)? The two planets are separated by over 24 degrees.
2. What are the general effects of this combination or yoga?
3. I also have bhuda aditya yoga in the 10th house, but the two planets are within 5 degrees so does this nullify the yoga? My understanding is this yoga makes a good government bureaucrat and a thinker, but due to this nullification the potency is weak? Is that right?
4.I am wondering what should be the yogas for good Scientist, Businessmen, Writers and Politicians do i have any of them?

Thank you.

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    Fri, April 16, 2010 - 7:21 PM
    The combination of Venus and jupiter is helping you a lot. Guru is a malefic for kanya lagna, because he suffers from kendradipati dosha. That dosha gets cancelled if guru in placed in trine and aspects a trinal lord (Venus). Guru/Venus period should be extremely good.

    Unfortunately, you do not have bhudaditya yoga, because mercury is combust.

    Conjunction of Jup/mercury makes a person very intelligent. That conjunction in 8th house results in a research and Phd.
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      Fri, April 16, 2010 - 9:47 PM
      Dear Mr.Prasad ,
      My daughter also has guru and sukra in 9th house ( VIRGO ASC ) mars in 7th and moon in Asc .
      But in bhava chart guru moves to 8h house and mars moves to 6th house .
      What does this indicate abt her married life?
      july 21-1988 , chennai ,india 11.30 A.M.
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        Sat, April 17, 2010 - 6:28 AM
        She has kuja dosha. Married life may have some issues. Mars in 7th usually brings rift in the marriage, and the position of mars in bhava adds to that.
        Please check the horoscopes carefully during the marriage. Don't worry, jupiter in 7th Navamasha is a big relief.

        She will make very good money because of moon's aspect to mars. Her professional life is very good.
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    Sat, April 17, 2010 - 7:53 AM
    I think ones own chart is probably the best source or reference of knowledge to any student of astrology. ^_^

    1. I don't believe It matters how far the two are from eachother, as long as they are in the same sign they influence eachother strongly....Jupiter brings out the best in things/planets...example...when jupiter and mars and together and both well dignified - great fighter, courageous, boundless energy, etc....unfortunately Jupiter is poorly dignified in your case...despite the fact that he's a very benefic planet he leans in the opposite direction of benevolence for you....However due to Venus's strength she will provide a lot of pick-me-up for Jupiter.

    2. Note point 1

    3. " Mercury should not be within 10° of the Sun to give rise to Budha-Aditya Yoga" <-- well according to this reference no you don't have the Yoga, however...I think the combustion factor speaks much louder. Despite the fact that Mercury is in his own house...the Combust will cause the good effects to fluxuate from good to bad and visa versa - for instance...does your intelligence be really good at some times and really bad at other times...especially with words? And Mercury rules 2 angles to boot....I say this because it's bad....when a planet rules to angles and is himself in an angle then it can cause trouble...and the higher the dignity the worse the trouble - I dont' quite know the details of the troubles but I think it's something like inconviences or undelieved promises or slow delievered promises....Of course these are small and rarely noticeable probably won't notice them much when their not retrograde (by the way Mercury goes retrograde soon so be careful!)

    and be careful around work...just keep your head down - You may experience humilations and because of Mercury and because he is combust people won't always see reason behind such events...but that's only sometimes, he is in his own house afterall. Misunderstadings and communication problems are a pain for you right? When Mercury goes retrograde this is something you may want to be careful with.

    4. Thats a really broad question...but if you want to generalise things then for writing you would need a good 3rd house and strong Mercury...Sun and Mercury conjunct is very good for business when well dingified, Sun itself is good for Politics...and I think a good Mercury for those are generalisations.

    So sorry for the large amount of text, You did say you were learning astorlogy so I though I'd be detailed so you could gain a keener understanding.

    all the best ^_^

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      Sat, April 17, 2010 - 8:27 AM
      Thank you very time for taking the time Max, Prasad and Sahana.

      I am impressed at the power of vedic astrology. To reveal a but more about myself, I am a Scientist, I have a PhD in Chemistry. The fact that Prasad indirectly referred to this is amazing.

      Thank you for the encouraging reply Max. I find it overwhelming to learn vedic astrology, its so huge a knowledge base. Your reply helps a lot. Coming back to the effect of Sun and Mercury together and the combustion of Mercury, you are right that things cycle around a lot and many time deserving rewards fail to come especially at work. But to be fair, I have been decently rewarded at many instances. So I take it as God's will and my Karma.

      Are there any remedies for such status of mercury? Will wearing an Emerald help? How does the ahstavarga points of this house affect the planet strengths if at all.

      Max, can you explain more about the point four. Frankly I was thinking of Ben Franklin when I wrote this questions. This guy was a Scientist, Businessman, Politicians and a writer. So what made him so? In an unabashed confessions, can I partially emulate such greatness in my own way?

      Thank you again!
      Jai Durga!
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        Re: Guru and shukra in the same house

        Sat, April 17, 2010 - 9:23 AM
        Yes I think wearing an emerald will help you...also mantras for Mercury should be very helpful. but the best of remedies is regular meditation. But theres no harm in trying all of them ^_^

        It's been years since I touched on ahstavarga unfortunately so I think it's best not to go into it now in fear of getting it all backwards 0_o

        In ben's chart - I got the details here -> and some history here -> we see that his Venus rules the 3rd and is placed in the his Venus is a little weak and Rahu is in the 3rd yet Venus is conjunct Mars and in Jupiters house whom of course, is in his highest dignity and as we have covered brings out the best in things. And because the 3rd lord goes to the 10th (house of profession) it becomes clear as to why he got a lot of work out of writing.

        His political and business influences probably came from Jupiters aspect on Sun and Mercury....Mercury is also very highly dignified....I think just Mercury's and Sun's influence aren't enough along to explain it but with Jupiters aspect it is - and Both Mercury and Sun are in Saturn's house, Saturn rules servitude....Businessmen and politicans are servents to the public or society...I think the height of his political career was during "1785 to 1788" this was when he was under his Venus/Saturn dasa - Venus in the 10th and with Saturn Antardasa it sparked Mercury's and Sun's influences from Saturns house - so that should explain how his political and business tendonses manifested into his career.

        What made him a scientist - I think it's Mercury and Jupiter, both very powerful and in mutal aspect to eachother....Jupiter is very good at drawing knowledge to the native when well dignified of course, especially knowledge of the vedas - but with Mercury involved it can make the native hungry for knowledge in general...this dude LOVED to learn....and it showed....his intelligence must of been great which lead him to science to try and make sense of the world.

        But the most important thing to remember here is that none of this would of been popular without Jupiter - this is because Jupiter is in his highest dignity and is in the 5th house (the house of success)...this guy was born to be successful full stop.

        To explain his phd - His in D-24 varga (Siddhamsa) we see that his 4th house (primary and high school education) was ruled by Venus whom was placed in the 7th...Venus also ruled the 9th house (house of college/degrees/diplomas/bacholars) and when these house have a connection they make the transition form primary to college smooth and easy.....well this really applies to now-a-days, Ben didn't actually finish his primary education, but Jupiter is retrograde in the 9th which made him try for futher education later, this astorlogical interpretion is more-or-less designed for modern times, for instance, in the old days if you had a good 4th house in your natal chart you owned an elephant, see how things have changed?....Mar's aspect on Venus would of helped delay his continuation to college seeing as he ruled the 6th.

        Jupiter is in the 9th and retrograde so the person would of tried for college anyway - Jupiter is in the 9th as we know and rules the 2nd house (house of masters education) so the transition from college to masters was also a breeze - as for phd...well I don't see a lot of help from the planets so he must of tried very hard.

        On that note I see you had Rahu and Ketu and saturn in your 4th house in D-24...was your primary education a pain to you?? I really don;t see your education in general being easy? was it?

        All the best ^_^

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          Re: Guru and shukra in the same house

          Sat, April 17, 2010 - 9:24 AM
          "But the most important thing to remember here is that none of this would of been popular without Jupiter -"

          "popular" - possible*

          sorry ^_^
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            Sat, April 17, 2010 - 9:43 AM
            Thank you Max.
            It am more impressed. My education was after a lot of struggle. Yes. I was not a normal student until high school, pretty poor I would say although I always loved learning. It took so much struggle to complete college, graduate school and PhD. It took over 8 years after masters to do my PhD after so many changes in research and directional changes. All these despite of having almost a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout my college.

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