How to use bhava chalit chart?

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What is its purpose? When grahas change place in Bhava chalit chart how to interpret it?
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  • Quoted by Bhuwan Ji,

    "Please use Bhav Chalit chart if you want to understand the houses. Natal chart is used for understanding planets."

    "The way you read VE in bhav chalit is " VE is in 7th but still in aries" i.e the house changes but the planet retains it's sign from natal rashi chart. Essentially VE brings martian energy into 7th- i.e driven for sex OR wife brings money for your business after marriage. "

    "Bhav Chalit is used for predicting the house results. Signs in rashi chart are used for transit analysis and for tallying divisional chart. e.g VE is in 8th in Aries in rashi chart, so VE will behave very impulsive( not good ) - it means you express love by being impulsive ( martian nature ) which is not always desired. Now, lets move to Bhav chalit where your VE is in 7th( moved from 8th to 7th esssentially ) - therefore VE gets modified in 7th house by fusing the qualities of VE in aries( as well as scorpionic qualites by being in 8th ). Same thing with your JU and other planets that move to diff houses in Bhav chalit."

    "I use bhav chalit chart for house delineation."

    "When you use houses please uses bhav chalit. Bhave chalit will tell you which houses are impacted due to placement of planets while delineating dasa. When you look into divisional charts/aspects use natal chart."

    "JU will give the results of 12th house. the characterisitc will come from the SIGN in 1st house. You need to be a bit careful here. Suppose you have JU is in 10th in natal chart( good ) but moves to 9th in bhav chalit( bad -because 9th is 12th to 10th house- loss of job ) , on the other hand if JU is in 9th and moves to 10th in bhav chalit then it's very positive"
    • purple1ji,

      This is my understanding based on your post: planets give results according to bhavachalit. How they behave in the house is based on rashi chart. Does this means that once the charactere of planets is discerned from Rashi chart, Rashis should be completely ignored as far as bhavachalit chart is considered when examining results of house?

      "When you look into divisional charts/aspects use natal chart."

      Should aspects also not be considered for bhavachalit because aspects modify house results?

      In the example given: VE aspects 2nd house by Rashi Chart but lagna by bhavachalit chart. Which chart should be considered for studying yogas?

      "Suppose you have JU is in 10th in natal chart( good ) but moves to 9th in bhav chalit( bad -because 9th is 12th to 10th house- loss of job ) , on the other hand if JU is in 9th and moves to 10th in bhav chalit then it's very positive." Is this not akin to D-10 analysis? Because Ju is going to give results of only 9th house, it only brings characteristics of 10th rashi when giving results of 9th house.
      • Should aspects also not be considered for bhava chalit because aspects modify house results?

        For bhava chalit, aspects are not considered. It’s clear just see Rashi chart for sign and aspects and Chalilt chart for house position. VE aspects 2nd house and not 1st.

        For yogas, I think natal chart is studied and not Bhava Chalit. Jhora 7.4 software also doesn’t show bhav chalet for yogas. Natal Chart is the main chart as all other charts are derived from it for fine tuning the details. Natal Chart / Rashi – D-1 is the tree while Navamsha – D-9 is the fruit. Whatever natal chart doesn’t promises can’t be given from other charts.
        • purple1 ji,

          I apologize for the repetition. As per your first post quoting Bhuwanji, bhavachalit is used for house results. Then why ignore aspects? Is it possible to explaint use of bhavachalit chart with examples? Here is one birth detail: 13.06.1973, 11.38 AM, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India. As you can see in this chart except Ve, Me and Sun all other planets and lagna change position in bhava chalit chart. Lagna changes rashi also in this chart. I am still struggling to grasp the concept. All explanations will be appreciated.
          • Only planets change their positions in bhav chalit chart....ignore rashi change............for eg....
            If in natal chart, lagna is scorpion, jupiter and mars in Sagittarius in second house...
            And if in bhav chalit chart......jupiter and mars shift to first house.......first of all ignore rashi or rashi change in bhav chalit chart........only consider planets in houses..........PLZ read it as.......Jupiter and mars in sagittarius in first rashi change.....

            Aspects are seen only from rashi chart.............for eg
            Use Rashi chart for signs and bhav chalit chart for houses ................
            • Thanks.. one question.. suppose lord of 4th and 9th (shukra) is in 9th in lagna kundali in tula. In Bhavchalit it shifts to eighth. what are the implications?

              From what i understand , since shukra is uccha in 9th, the person will be optimistic, a lover of literature and arts, have good education, a generous nature, will go abroad for work etc ie his nature will be according to shukra in ninth.
              But the phalit of the concerned houses will be according to bhavchalit. According to bhavchalit since ninth lord goes to eighth, he will face many obstacles in the process of success. Same with sukh from parents / own house since 4th lord is in eighth.
              Is that correct ? Any other differences ?
              One more question - the position of the lord in eighth delays the process , but delays till what time ? Are there any rules for this?


              • Hi

                Any feedback?

                • If you a have a planet in 9th and moves to 8th in bhav chalit then the results will not be good related to 9th house.
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                    Interesting somebody has told me that in my chart I have jupiter in 9th house but now when I see my bhava/chalit in jhsoft i see that my jupiter from 9th house has moved to 8th house. Does this mean I will not have the benefits of jupiter in 9th house? Bhuwanji I appreciate if you please kindly explain and on this matter. And the you have also said that the "If you a have a planet in 9th and moves to 8th in bhav chalit then the results will not be good related to 9th house". I am wondering how bad is this moving from 9th to 8th when compared with rasi chart and bhava chalit chart.
                    • 9th house JU is for father/teacher/religion and when the planet moves to 8th house then it means happiness from these angles will suffer.
                      • Dear Bhuvanji,

                        Does that mean Kethu in ASC in Rashi chart when moves to 12th house in Bhava chalit chart results in loss of the physical body?
                        Or is there any chance for spiritual evolution? Kindly clarify.

                        Thank you.
                        • Birth details...

                          New thread will be better.
                          • here is what i have understood about bhava chalit vs rasi chart. planets actually give results of houses in rasi chart. how the native perceives it is dependent on bhava chalit chart.
                            • In vedic domain houses are more significant than planets. Therfore, planets give results in the houses as per bhav chalit. Planet in a sign has to be considered for character analysis and natal chart should be used here.
                              • What about the yogas/conjunctions? Do they still apply in the radix chart or as per bhav chalit?
                                • Dear Bhuvanji,

                                  What about saturn in lagna in virgo and moves in previous house in leo in bhav chalit chart and In leo , i have Jup, Mar and rahu placed. What are the effects here? Is it good or bad? Here can we consider conjuctions? What abt niryan bhav chalit chart, is it different from bhav chalit chart? What is the use of niryan bhav chalit chart?

                                  Waiting for ur answer.

                                • namaskar

                                  conjunction has to be seen from d-1, only to know house we have to see bhava chalit
                                  yogas relating to bhava must be seen from bhava chalit..
                                  see if yoga description is like jup in 9th house, then you have to see to bhava chalit
                                  another example : if yoga description is Jupiter conjunct ketu in ninth house ,
                                  then for conjunction you can see degree between them in natal chart ,
                                  but for bothe planet house has to be seen from bhava chalit, if even one planet moves
                                  next or previous house, results will differ

                                  jai sri radhe

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