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topic posted Wed, March 31, 2010 - 10:03 PM by  Mark
Hi - I have my Venus/Shukra in conjuction with Ketu in my 10th house (both in Sagittarius Uttarashada). I've had it briefly explained by the kind people on this board before but it keeps coming back to me as a powerful point. Can anyone elaborate the effect of this position in detail please? Any help is greatly appreciated..

My birth details are 10th february 1982, Gympie Queensland Australia at 8:09 am.
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  • bump - anyone?
    • Are you goinf through legal trouble ?
      • Hi Bhuwan,

        No no legal trouble. I mainly want to know how the venus/ketu conjunction in the natal chart works? What it means to have it at the top of my chart in 10th house and in sagittarius???

        I'm in a moon/venus dasa and feeling like my life is much about relating and my view on relationships in myself.
        • Mark,
          Planets KE/VE/ME move to 11th house in your Placidus house system. 11th house signifies uncommitted relationships. Since you have MO lord of 6th in 7th there is possibility of marriage with a lot of difficulty. MO is lord of 6th in 7th and 7th lord SU in 12th both show problem in closing relations.
          • Hi Bhuwan again :)

            Just a question about the planets moving to 11th house in placidius? I can see if i change the house system to my birth chart to something like vehlow system that my sun moves to 12th, moon to 7th and ke/ve/me to 11th...but not placidus they stay in sun/mer 11th, moon 6th and ve/ke 10th. Sorry just confused. I have been told about this house system shift though in the past which is different to normal chart houses and to some extent i agree. Which house system should i use? And why is there a difference?

            Anyway you are right in what you say about uncommitted relationships - it seems to be the theme in my life. Almost like i'm not allowed a relationship - everyone wants to be my friend though, which can be infuriating/frustrating when you more than like them - i'm very much a romantic and hate to be alone, so it's even more annoying. This year though feels very much like relationships are getting more personal and something is coming into effect regarding committment. Also my mars/saturn in 8th in this system wouldn't help closing relations either...hmmmmmm not so positive?
            • Download free Jhora 7.33 Full version and there you can see placidus system
              • Hi Purple1

                I have jhora 7.33 full and the placidius system has my sun in 11th/moon 6th/venus 10th. The problem with this program is it puts a daylight saving on the timezone even though there isn't one in this state in Australia. The timezone should be 10 not 11.

                But i have been told about this house system progression before in vedic and even western sidereal - i was just wondering the importance of it in comparison to the regular house chart that is normally cast.

                Thanks :)
                • See, in Vedic there are 2 types of chart

                  Natal Chart is the main chart & in it we see the signs the planet is in and the aspects it casts.

                  2nd is bhav (House) Chalit Chart that is used to see which house (1 to 12) a planet is sitting in. In Bhav Chalit chart a planet may shift one house back or one house back, e.g., SU is in 7th in Natal Chart in Aries but SU may move to 6th house or 8th house but its sign (Aries) and aspects (1st house) will be seen from natal chart.

                  All the other charts are derivatives of the natal chart and are used to fine tune the judgment or look at a particular thing very minutely. [Also birth time must be accurate; birth time rectification can be done within an hour of window].
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Ahhhh I see. Thank you very much for explaining. This really helps. And I do agree with what Bhuwain has all is well.

                    Thanks again...Alas my love life may be for the next life ;)
          • So is there any hope Bhuwain with my love life? Or should i start a all-encompassing career and move on?

            Thanks :)
            • Also ask Bhuwan Ji if you can do any fast (24 hours on fruit juices only on a particular day like 12.00 AM to 12.00 AM). If you can worship any diety and what measures you can take from your side and also 'Free Will' is always there.
              • Quoted by Bhuwan Ji

                "Fasting and prayers work in mental plane and should change your perception of the world ONLY( your window to the world), it has nothing to do with materialistic plane. Vimshotari dasa itself is a state of mind, it's how you see the world through your mind( Moon nakshatra defines the dasa ) has to be modified by fasting.
                How you see life around changes by fasting but one has to be serious. Gemstones are never discussed in texts, so they evolved over the time for business reasons. "
  • I have always been told that Ketu/Venus in the 10th will give a very unusual career. Ketu Venus does give ups and downs in marriage as well. I do have Ketu Venus in my ninth house and have done a lot of research on this subject. Also, my teacher told me that someone with ketu/venus usually does not have as much issue with detaching from things, they are like someone that could give it all up and become a monk, nun. I hope that this helps.
    • Thanks Joelle :) Very kind of you...

      Yes i'm as of yet to establish exactly what my career will be. I work in the arts and would love to perform (music) for a living. But would like something that is spiritually fulfilling for me and others too so we shall see if that fits.

      How has this conjunction effected you? Do you find relationships up and down? I like how you said your venus/ketu is in ninth and you've 'done a lot of research' - very 9th house ;) I very much can 'give it all up' especially in the regards of only committing if my whole heart is in it - i don't do casual affairs. It's all or nothing.

      I've also been told venus/ketu can go to extremes in venus affairs - sensuality, socialising, creativity - but always know that this isn't spirituality aligned and can give it all up.
    • Hi Joelle I also have venus+ketu in my ninth house (very close) and Lord Venus is L7. I find this aspect particularly important in my chart. Please explain what else do you know about it. Barbara Pijan's comment about this conjunction have left my quite distressed.
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