Rectifying with Navamsa - the S. Rath method

topic posted Mon, August 9, 2004 - 10:07 PM by  Sadasiva
OK i have the Sanjay Rath handout from ACVA 2003 about the Navamsa. innate skills being shown from planets in trines from the swamsa and karakamsa. There does not seem to be a clear distinction in this material between the karakamsa and the swamsa (navamsa lagna) when looking for innate abilities.

Am I reading this correctly?

What is the difference between planets in trines from the swamsa and in trines from the karakamsa? My insinct is from swamsa these are more physical abilities, like playing an instrument or math. From karakamsa, more soul lessons like siddhis or special types of Vidya that will compel toward deeper soul knowledge through the use of these skills.

I have not found a consistent way to apply this and i am looking for a better means of rectification.

navamsa = 9th harmonic
karakamsa = Atma KAraka (planet with highest degrees from main chart) in the navmsa
Swamsa = ascendant in the navamsa
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    Tue, August 10, 2004 - 9:52 PM
    In general for rectification with the person's skills and abilities use the svamsa (navamsa lagna). First house showing natural in-born abilites, 5th showing things they learned but still have natural skill and ability with, 9th house showing what they are good at but after having studied and worked at it.

    A few notes to add on navamsa rectification:

    If Saturn is conjuct an inimical planet in these positions it will delay the results, for example Moon and Saturn in svamsa, will make some one who is a singer with great stage fright who will not be able to open up there voice fully till after saturn maturity at 35.

    Planets in 6,8 or 12 will often give opposite results; for example, Ketu in the 5th makes one have good mathmatical abilities (ease working with numbers) and in the 6th the person will dislike numbers and even balancing their check book will be avoided.

    If the planet isn't there but is lording the sign it can have an effect but much more slightly. For example, Moon gives singing and Sun gives rythm and instruments, so if you have a bass guitarist and you are debating between a Cancer and Leo navamsa lagna you would definately go Leo, but you wouldn't predict otherwise from it.

    Venus in the 12th as karaka for marriage in the D-9 will make a person not interested in marriage. Venus afflicted in D-9 will have similar results.

    Atmakaraka in svamsa will make a person born into a well to do family, if it only lords svamsa the family will have potential but may have to rise to affluence. If AK is in the 7th house the person will rise to affluence after marriage. AK in the 8th house will cause chronic diseases, and six house will give similar results (remedied by fasting on full Moons).

    And then back to an old post, the sexuality of the person indicated by the navams is often a great source of rectification. Moon in 7th or trines makes a very horny person. Also check out the 2nd house in the navamsa rule with Mars and Venus aspects, its in the first book of Jaimini, but shows how faithful or not a person is. This helps me in rectification a lot as well.

    Jaimini gives little distinction between Karakamsa and Svamsa, but for rectification svamsa is what is used.

    Maybe we can get Visti to give us a clear difference between what we look at from svamsa verse from karakamsa and why.

    Hey Visti, where are you? Hook us up.

    Namah Sivaya
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      Wed, August 11, 2004 - 12:12 AM
      |Hare Rama Krsna|
      Dear Sam and List, Namaskar
      Sorry for being out for sooo long, was preparing for conferences. Just came back from the London conference which was all-good. Sanjayji taught some excellent stuff on Prasna there, which will reaally benefit those who get the handouts. (see the links on

      As for Sva-Amsa, it means own amsa, or that amsa of your self.
      Now the results for Svamsa can be judged from Karakamsa or Navamsa Lagna, but there is a very distinct difference between the two.

      Those results given from Navamsa Lagna are the known abilities which you apply and manifest in this world. I.e. Moon in trines to Navamsa Lagna gives a melodious voice and good singing ability - this will also have an impact on ones personality and make one cool and soothing in the company of others. Mars gives one the ability to wield weapons and fight -such people usually learn martial arts, and as a result they can be shorttempered due to the fire of Mars.
      These also have an impact on ones appearance, as malefics will cause a very muscular build due to the hard work put in - benefics will instead give an untrained body as they tend to put the native behind a desk all the time (like astrologers). Offcourse for the bodily traits we must analyze the Rasi Lagna as well, to see whether the body is able to build strong muscles.
      Theres a small clue to quickly identify the native's profession from these steps.

      In this manor we analyze the trines to Navamsa Lagna. As soon as we talk of Karakamsa, its all about the Soul and what the soul wants for this birth. This arises from the concept of Atma Bala, or strength of the soul to change events.
      Hence the planets in trines to Karakamsa can indicate which traits or abilities one desires to attain. The planets placed from Karakamsa can also reveal some deep-ingrain attitudes towards life, this is best excemplified as follows:
      The 2nd from Svamsa has an impact on ones wealth. Nodal axis along this 2nd/8th axis surely causes poverty once in life. If this happens from Navamsa Lagna the poverty comes to you, whilst if read from Karakamsa the soul desires poverty and despises wealth - may be a renunciate.
      The trines to the Karakamsa housing malefics indicates the power of the atma to change events - this can be through mantra, tantra or yantra - benefics will not like to use any means to force the souls desires upon others, hence they cause the person to be eloquent, good to others, etc.

      The highest point of Rajya Yoga occurs when the desires of the soul and the inborn traits are merged causing no disharmony. This happens when the karakamsa and Navamsa Lagna are the same. Such people rise to high positions in life. This also occurs when the two points in the chart are connected through other planets/lordships.

      Because Parasara mentioned that the marriage is seen from the Navamsa, this also shows ones sexuality as mentioned by Freedom. The Karaka for sex and marriage is Venus, so Venus' placement in the Navamsa becomes important. Similarly we look at the Sun in Vimsamsa for spirituality and Jupiter in Siddhamsa for knowledge. 12th house is a very inauspicious placement for the Karaka, in those vargas and can deny the results of the Varga all-together.

      But do not open the Vargas until seeing the Rasi in detail. Here's a quick tip to see the sexual urge of a person -
      "More planets in quadrants to the Lagna causes a higher sexual urge". Here it becomes necessary to differentiate between malefics and benefics. Above all it is necessary to advise the person not to renounce life or keep celibacy if there are many planets in quadrants.

      The higher the sexual urge the more intense the desire for sex can be. If the planets in quadrants are malefics, the native may take on evil means to release this urge - this can be very disastrous causing harm on others. Benefics will not harm others, but the urge will destroy their intelligence and can cause times of madness and depression.

      These negative traits are especially so if the planets in quadrants are debilitated, however when exalted will give the native high ideals and norms which they will attempt to live upto - i.e. staying celibate until marriage or until completing a certain task set-out from birth. Either way this sexual power is very strong.
      It is from this sexual power that the Kundalini rises - this is why the sexual urge can become so distructive. Preferably benefics are in quadrants to make such a native cause release of these energies through mantras or meditation, other malefics require a physical release.

      Best Baba Blessings,
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        Thu, December 30, 2010 - 7:48 PM
        Let me see if I can draw attention of Visti, Freedom or Sadasivamji.
        If anyone else can describe then please do hare knowledge.

        Can someone cut and paste to describe what skill each planet would represent in trines to Swamsa and Karakamsa lagna? e.g. MOON In navamsa lagna (Swamsa) means good singing skill. What would rahu, JUP, VEN etc etc would mean in trines from (and in) swamsa and karakamsa?

        Thanks in advance.
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    Mon, August 16, 2004 - 3:55 PM
    Oh yeah Freedom and Visti - i forgot to ask - I assume that much of these navamsa methods come from Jaimini Sutras as they closely parallel in particular adhyaya 1 pada 2. Are you reckoning these placements in reverse for even (female) rashis as the maharishi seems to indicate? I have never seen this mentioned in any of your posts.

    Also i do not see where in Jaimini Sutras the maharishi talks about the swamsa (navamsa lagna),. adhyaya 1 - pada 2 is all about the karakamsa, no? Is there another Chapter in the Upadesa Sutras that I am not seeing or that is beiong interpreted to indicated these things. I have not found extensive comment on swamsa. Is there another source for this interpretation and techniques?

    Either way i find it interesting and i am trying to use it better. I have been using rashis from the karakamsa (forward for odd rashis and reverse for even) with pretty good results. Seems to indicate those innate abilities. strange confluence though.

    Using the S. Rath System per the ACVA handout:
    Using swamsa - i have sun in 5th (moving forward that is even though it is a female rashi) which is supposed to make good rhythm and proficiency with instruments. According to your system. (cannot find this in JAimini sutras though)

    Using what i perceive to be from Jaimini Sutras:
    Using karakamsa - Saturn in Virgo (thus counted in reverse) My exalted moon in taurus is in 5th from KArakamsa
    adhyaya 1 - pada 2 - sutra 112:

    SU. 112. -Chandreana sankf_iyayogagnaha sahityagno gayakascha. . If Chandra joins 1st or 5th of Karakamsa, the person becomes clever in sankhyasastra, learned in language, poetry, drama and attendant subjects, will have great proficiency in music and other accomplishments.

    ALL very true,,. not to mention several earlier sutras revolving around the MOon and writing skills. And although i do not have these conjunctions with other planets, the common denominator here is that the Moon in 5th gives Writing skills.

    SU. 102. Matapitroschandragturubhyam grantha If Chandra and Guru are in the Karakamsa or in the 5th from it, the person will become an author and will live by writing books.

    SU. 103. - ┬ĚSukrena kinchidoonam. If Chandra and Sukra join Karakamsa or the 5th house from it, the person becomes an ordinary author.

    SU. I 04.-Bzidhena tato api. The person becomes still less famous than in the above Sutra if Budha joins Chandra instead of Sukra in Karakamsa or the 5th from it.

    Cool, please advise further about these techniques.

    namah Sivaya
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      Mon, August 16, 2004 - 10:28 PM
      Only have a short moment online, so will comment on one or two things, more later. (I'm in Ukia, thinking of maybe going to Shasta for a few days).

      Most of the techniques are Jaimini and Parasara's chapter on Karakamsa, have you ever compared the two texts on the same subject, so much is exactly the same (especially when you look at the sanskrit, Jaimini just paraphrases a little more). Though Visti uses many other sources of sanskrit texts.

      I have not seen svamsa and karakamsa being reckoned zodiacally and anti zodiacally. I only know two cases to use this; in the saptamsa for calculating children, and from the Arudha Lagna for calculating siblings.

      Svamsa means sva-self, and amsa-division, so literally it means the place that shows you. It's exact representing point can change according to situation of what you are looking at. Visti and I use it to primarily mean navamsa lagna for cutting out some confusion (as this is the primary signification), but it can mean karakamasa, other times it can mean Lagnamsa, so cuts out some confusion (esp on the net) if we all agree to use it to mean a similar thing.

      Namah Sivaya

      • Re: Rectifying with Navamsa - the S. Rath method

        Tue, August 17, 2004 - 9:51 AM
        yes i use the term "swamsa" in the same way. so we can forget the term.
        the questions are:

        Where is it in JAimini Sutras to use the navamsa lagna rather than the karakamsa (the rashi in the navamsa that holds the atma karaka) or where is the source to use the lagna. I have not searched parashara, is it in BPHS? because jaimini only mentions karakamsa as far as i have seen.

        And do you count in reverse for odd rashis?

        namah sivaya
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          Wed, August 25, 2004 - 1:45 PM
          |Hare Rama Krsna|
          Hi there!
          Freedom made me take a look at the messages.

          Actually you should apply all principles from both Karakamsa and Navamsa Lagna (note that the word lagnaamsa can also mean the rasi lagna-sign in the navamsa).

          The difference is that the Karakamsa shows the desire of the Atma for this birth - i.e. kemadruma yoga from Navamsa lagna shows poverty, but Kemadruma Yoga from Karakamsa shows a soul who hates money.
          Special powers of mantra, tantra or yantras depends on the power of the Atma/soul, hence such things must be seen from Karakamsa.
          In this mannor we judge between the two.
          Best Baba blessings,
          • Re: Rectifying with Navamsa - the S. Rath method

            Wed, August 25, 2004 - 2:01 PM
            Dear Visti,
            as always, thanks for your explanation. There is really some strange karma surrounding this question that i have posed many times..

            My question is not about the teaching. Yes i know the theory that S. Rath and his students, like yourself and Freedom explain. My question is WHERE DOES THIS TEACHING ORIGINATE? that is all i am asking.

            And do you count in reverse for even rashis and is usually indicated.

            recopied from a previous post:

            "Where is it in JAimini Sutras to use the navamsa lagna rather than the karakamsa (the rashi in the navamsa that holds the atma karaka) or where is the source to use the lagna. I have not searched parashara, is it in BPHS? because jaimini only mentions karakamsa as far as i have seen.

            And do you count in reverse for odd rashis?"

            Note: Since then i have serched BPHS and not found this. If it is not in either, that is OK - if it is something that S. Rath has interpreted, again that is OK. I just want to know the origin of this idea, I want to know if i am missing something.

            • Re: Rectifying with Navamsa - the S. Rath method

              Thu, August 26, 2004 - 6:26 PM
              Jaimini is written in very short verse and is very encoded. Many things need to be infered from previos verses.

              Upadesa Sutras 1.2.1
              atha swamsa grahanam

              atha (now this) swamsa (the division of the self/division of signification) grahanam (planets)

              now the results of swamsa will be explained

              [it does not say karakamsa or navamsa lagna, all this is the result of translators. Later verses don't even mention anything:

              tatra ravay rajakaaryparah

              tatra (There), ravay (ravi-Sun), Raja-King, Karaya-working

              The Sun there will make one work for the king/goverment

              So it is not saying take from karakamsa, some interpret svamsa as karakamsa, because Parashara spent a whole chapter on karakamsa. Note though in that chapter that Parasara said all the rules from karakamsa can also work from Arudha Lagna. Jaimini makes it even more broad assuming you know the significations to see from which point/Lagna.

              Why would you take the svama zodiacal verse anti zodiacal? What shastra (text) has ever mentioned this. It is used for children and siblings in the D-3, D-7, and looking at siblings from the AL. There is no reason to take it otherwise.

              Namah Sivaya
              • Re: Rectifying with Navamsa - the S. Rath method

                Thu, August 26, 2004 - 6:56 PM
                dear freedom and visti,
                thanks for clarifying the origin of your interpretation for me.

                Yes i know the Sutras are very cryptic,,.

                Counting rashis in reverse order?

                From Jaimini Sutras
                After defining the karakas, etc. Jaimini writes

                Adhyaya 1 Pada 1
                SU. 25.-Pracheevruttirvishamabheshu. In all odd signs the counting must be in the right direction.

                SU. 26. - Paravrutyottareshu. In even signs the counting must be in the reverse order.

                (S. RAO translation)

                NOTES Take Vrishabha and we want the 6th from it. There we get
                Vrishabha, Mesha, Meena, Kumbha, Makara and Dhanus. Take Thula. It is an odd sign, suppose we want the 4th. Then Thula, Vrischika, Dhanus and Makara. Take Vrischika and we want the 6th from it. Then we have Vrischika, Thula, Kanya, Simha, Kataka and Mithuna. In fact, in all odd signs the procedure is in the right direction. in even signs we count backwards like the movements of Rahu and Ketu in reverse order.

                After these two sutras comes the famous:

                SU. 27.-Nakwachit.

                S Rao says it means: "In some places or signs this does not apply." I do not know Sanskrit as well as others but i have been have been told this literally means, "not sometimes" or something equally vague, which has been interpreted many ways.

                namah sivaya
          • Unsu...

            Re: Rectifying with Navamsa - the S. Rath method

            Wed, August 25, 2004 - 2:52 PM

            You wrote: The difference is that the Karakamsa shows the desire of the Atma for this birth - i.e. kemadruma yoga from Navamsa lagna shows poverty, but Kemadruma Yoga from Karakamsa shows a soul who hates money.

            I don't know if I'm missing something, but to make things clear I know there are many forms of Kemadruma Yoga as follows:

            1. When Anapha (a planet 12th from the Moon-minus Sun, Rahu and Ketu), Sunapha (a true planet 2nd from the Moon-minus Sun, Rahu and Ketu) or Durdhara Yogas (which a combination of Anapha and Sunapha) are not present. This Kemadruma Yoga can be ameliated aka "canceled" by certain factors, but all these factors are based from the Moon.

            2. The Moon with the Sun, aspected by a debilitated planet, and in a malefic's navamsa.

            3. The Moon with Rahu or Ketu, and aspected by a malefic.

            4. The Moon with Rahu or Ketu, and aspected by a benefic overcome in a planetary war.

            5. The Moon in a moveable rasi and navamsa, in a malefic's navamsa, aspected by an inimical planet, and not aspected by Jupiter.

            6. The malefic Moon conjunct a malefic, occupying, during a night birth, a malefic rasi or navamsa, and aspected by the 10th lord.

            7. The malefic Moon in the 8th, influenced by a malefic during a night birth.

            8. The malefic Moon with a malefic, aspecting the 9th lord, and debilitated in the navamsa.

            9. The malefic Moon debilitated during a night birth.

            Did you mean some other yoga which is usually based on the Lagna and not the Moon.

            Hari Om,


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