What if three or more planets in one bhava

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Hi all,
How one will interpret the effect of a bhava if it has three or more planets and the lord of that bhava is in another bhava? For e.g. Suppose for a pisces ascendant; mercury, jupiter, ketu and sun are in dhan bhava and the lord of dhan bhava is in bandhu bhava i.e. 4H.
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    I have been told that four or more planets in a house hurts the house and the houses that the planets rule. But this method does not include the nodes. I have not seen enough charts with it to be able to speak from experience.

    • I think it depends on the degrees of the planets. For example, if Jupiter, mercury and sun are together then it would be great but I am not sure what are the effects if Ketu is in the middle. Some text say that Ketu works like a black hole and creates an empty feeling, and may reduce the effects of planets close to it. So, you might think that you don't have enough wealth, which will make you work even harder to achieve your goals.

      But I think you don't need to worry because Lagna Lord (especially, the size of jupiter) is too auspicious to have any effects of Ketu.
      • Hello

        The result of the 3 or more planet in one house ends up to be good or bad depending on which house they belong to.They can be jupiter, Sun and Mercury. But what if they belong to 8th 4th and 12th house. I astrology we have to come to the final decision after carefully studying in all angles.
  • i have mars -20 degree,mercury 24 degree,sun- 10 degree,ketu -2 degree in second house dhan stahan.....i have my personal experience that accumulation of these 4 planet in 2nd house driving me to stay single in my home most of time fact i like to live single away from other family member...other people are invited to comment on my state and share their experience......i invite people to ask any question to me on this topic as i find this string a real interesting on and very common problem faced while reading a chart
    • I also have 3 planets in the seventh house in virgo. mars 14 degrees, moon 20 degrees(full moon), and saturn 26 degrees. I initially got worried that Mars and Saturn are in the seventh house, so there will be lots of trouble. But when I consulted with an expert, he told me that full moon in the middle has solved everything. So, it is extremely important to look at degrees of each planet. I also thought I am manglik but if mars is with moon then manglik dosha gets cancelled.

      So, I have lord of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th in the seventh house, and all within 12 degrees. It would be great if anyone can tell me whether this constitutes dhan yoga.
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        Hi frnds,
        First of all, thanx a lot for the replies given by you all. In my chart Sun is at 3:32, mercury is at 19:10, jupiter is at 11:31 and ketu is at 20 degrees in dhan bhava. Plz tell me how this will affect my life?
      • akhi
        yes, multiple dhana yogas.
        • Hi Kalikat, Could you please look at my post made on June 17?
          I am going through moon-rahu period and I need some encouragement.

          Sorry Rajesh for butting in.
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            With Mars, saturn in 7th, I would be surprised if you have not been under the surgeons knife till now?
            Although it might be a normal no complication surgery, but mars and saturn can ensure multiple surgeries and/ or injuries and/ or accidents

            Also mars in 7th as i mentioned earlier can give an over excited sex drive specially with moon sandwiched in between saturn and mars....

            It can give one or both of the following at some time in life atleast:

            1) attraction and relations with women older than you
            2) Extreme mood swings in life with mars giving impulse and energy to thought and saturn giving depression and slowness....

            I would also be surprised if your moon dashas (mahadasha or antardasha) dont give you an overactive and mood swinging time with bouts of elation followed by bouts of depression!
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        I hope things go smoothly for you. But ONLY from the limited data you have provided, I would be extremely surprised if your marriage is uneventful and smooth sailing. (i.e. only 1 marriage and a smooth sailing married life)

        Dont get me wrong, I do wish you do have such a life but mars and saturn conjunction can never ever be devoid of stress/ tension.
        7th house is relationships of all kinds and not just marriage.

        Saturn ignites the violent part of mars
        Venus ignites the passionate part of mars

        Either ways with mars in 7th, the person normally has a charged up sex drive and may have frequent stomach/ interstine problems.
        Although in your case the conjunction is 12 degrees apart and so not that strong, saturn in 7th has directional strength and will delay/ obstruct relations/ marriage to its level best. Since you say moon is full then i presume sun is in lagna in 1st house of pisces. Sun aspecting 7th is no fun either. It is giving mars more strength too!

        Let me ask you something, where is Mercury, rahu and venus...merc is more imp as 7th lord

        everything can be OK till marriage when things can shape into a tornado. If I were you, i wont be fooled by just a full moon (which can give a beautiful and intelligent wife) but that does not mean the shades of mars, saturn and sun will go away!

        all the best to you!
        • Hi, Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it.
          I have rahu in the 4th house (gemini), ketu 10th (saggittarius), sun and mercury in ascendant (pisces) and jupiter in the eighth (libra), and venus in the twelfth (aquarius)
          And as mentioned earlier, mars & moon & saturn in the seventh.
          • Akhti

            With Saturn, Mars, Moon in Virgo/7th; Mercury/Sun in Pisces/1st.
            I can understand why you were told Moon can solve everything, it's a good lord, lord of 5th, and for Chandhra Mangala yoga when happening in the 7th, Moon is considered stronger, as per house placement. BUT between Moon and Saturn, I would think Saturn is more comfortable in Virgo and the 7th - correct me if I'm wrong. So in that case some of the difficult effects on that house cannot be avoided. The Chandhra Mangala shows money coming from the spouse.

            When there are 3 or more planets in a house it shows an strong focus on that house and the attributes of that sign. Because of that focus the chart can be read from that sign. It also shows an over-reliance on the attributes of that house/sign - therefore, an imbalance. The way forward is to try & develop the attributes/quality of the opposite sign.
            If so many planets with Ketu then it shows the native has already developed the attributes relative to the planets involved/and sign in a past life, and needs to work some more on it but most likely doesn't feel like it. If with Rahu, then the native needs to develop that area this time round.
            • Thanks Attika, I guess you are right that saturn would have major effect in the seventh house but moon conjunct saturn usually gives traits of deep thinker. Moon with mars makes one impatient but moon conjunct saturn makes one think long and hard.
              That's why I was recommended to go towards academia and research, especially with Ketu in saggittarius in the tenth.
              Also venus in twelfth house (aquarius), and is getting drishthi from jupiter, which is in the eighth, so married life should be okay.
              But Jupiter mahadasha starts in couple of years time, and I have read mixed results about that. Because it is the lord of tenth and it is in dusthana, it can't be good.
              • Hi Akhi

                I agree with all you're saying on the 7th.

                Though I think Saturn with Moon can be a depressing factor.

                Other things about those three planets in your 7th house, they would give their qualities to the spouse: Mo = beauty, gentleness; Ma = young-looking, active person; Sa = older or more mature, serious person. And then to a lesser extent there's Me & Sun's influence on that house.
                I don't know if we can consider Ra/Ke drishti on the 7th and 1st?

                Then if considering the 5th and 9th aspect of the nodes, I know some don't, well if we do then Jupiter and Venus get an aspect from Rahu.
                Venus is better placed in Aquarius & 12th than Jupiter in Libra & 8th, but in my opinion it makes for a lot of hidden stuff involved, both houses being hidden houses.
                Maybe we can consider that Jupiter and Venus are much more closely involved than it looks, sort of exchanging - since Ju is considered sort of exalted in Aquarius and Venus has her Moolatrikona in Libra. An idea?

                For work & research, yes I'd agree at first sight that the 10th lord in 8th can favour that.

                The mahadasha of Ju would get you involved in 8th house matters, since it's the placement of your Jupiter, it can also favour a lot inner change & personal transformation. No need to worry about mahadasha, most important are the bhukti for events to take place.
                • Thanks Attika, I really appreciate your input. And I like your thought process e.g. Jupiter and venus kind of exchanging.
                  Well, I am actually working towards IT and Project management degrees, and want to establish a career in auditing IT projects. Do you think Auditing would come under investigation?
                  Since Jupiter (10th lord) is in eighth, a career with research and academia is usually recommended but it seems very unlikely at this stage.
                  I hope auditing is the right stream.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    It's very time consuming to try & put together all the possibilities related to work - for me anyway at this stage.
                    I think you should follow your heart's desire & trust your instincts in your choice of career. :)
                    Saying that lord of 10 in 8 can produce research & academia is a little bit of a generalisation considering other parameters surely need to be assessed to support it - example: I have worked in research & academia, I do not have 10th lord in 8th either in D-1 or D-10; but i decided in the end it wasn't my thing, though I have spent years there & employed. I can think of two people, top of my head, who have 10th lord in 8th both having spent time in research/academia, one actually makes a living out of it, as a lecturer, the other didn't sustain it, didn't complete her research.
                    Sometimes it's the strongest planet that has a say in the profession. I know that in the Dasamsha, it's informative to look at the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses.
                    "Well, I am actually working towards IT and Project management degrees, and want to establish a career in auditing IT projects. Do you think Auditing would come under investigation? "
                    I do not know about that, sorry.
                    I know that with the R/Ke axis in 4/10, very strong (exal), it can make one very ambitious, too ambitious, that is can lead to discontentment .
                    Where Ke is it's alawys hard to enjoy the fruits of one's karma, so there'd probably be times you're not so content in your work. where Ra is, is what you need to develop, inner peace, etc (4th hs matters) and the attributes of Gemini, communication skills, discrimination, etc. Usually a couple of changes of profession is seen with the 4/10 axis; I've seen that.
            • Hi attika could you please correlate things in one of chart which have 3 planet in 2nd house....moreover all these 3 planet have dristi from saturn placed in 12th house and moon with rahu in eight house ...chart have have mars -20 degree,mercury 24 degree,sun- 10 degree,ketu -2 degree in second house dhan sthaan.....i have my personal experience that accumulation of these 4 planet in 2nd house driving me to stay single in my home most of time fact i like to live single away from other family member...other people are invited to comment on my state and share their experience......i invite people to ask any question to me on this topic as i find this string a real interesting on and very common problem faced while reading a chart
              • Kishore
                Can you please give lagna so I know in which signs these planets fall; and where's Venus? where's Jupiter?
                • Attik lagna is gemini ....thanks
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    From the info you provided: well the 3 planets + Ke in the 2nd in Cancer does show an emphasis on home & family affairs, wealth that kind of thing. With the lagna ruler there it's even more so a focus. But with Ke there the native would feel he's already done all that before (past life) yet there is karma to finish there. The Rahu/Mo opposite shows that inner depth, transformation, change, the occult, etc are what he's trying to develop. So the two houses, the way they're disposed, and Saturn in the 12th, can show that isolation might be what the person seek in this life.
                    But I wouldn't go as far as saying three planets in a house show that for everybody - I have three planets in the 11th and I like to be out with people.:)
                    • yes definitely your comment are always helpful as it is now .for sure 3 planet do not make parvajya yoga ..i guess it is 4 planet in one house with sun supporting the parvajya yoga ,,,,,,do this kind of people also like to live in isolation?
                      • Hi Kishore

                        I'm not sure if a node can be counted as a 4th planet; if it was in the ascendant I've seen that sometimes it can counted in as one, the ascendant' s so vital to the chart.
                        I guess parvajya yoga can be a good or a bad thing, I mean a happy thing or an unhappy one, depending on the person it falls upon: some people have many comforts & opportunities to establish themselves on a materialistic level, and yet they have no interest and want to let it all go, whereas others live a life of isolation, poverty even and yet would dream to have things.
                        Many planets in one house anyway draw a strong focus there at the detriment of the other houses. I have seen the isolation factor more so with charts with many planets in the 1st (like 3 or 4) and Rahu, and also with people with many in the 4th.
                        There is another parvajya yoga that concerns the lord of the Moon and I have definitely seen it with that - but they were not that happy with it, they didn't want much in life, but they suffered from their inability to reach out or other conditioning factors that made them isolated. But that's just the few charts I came across.

                        Here's a link for others who're interested - for the conditions of parvajya yoga :
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                      Hi Attikka,
                      I have ketu, jupiter, mercury and sun in the 2nd house. I am of Pisces Lagna. Venus in lagna. Mars is in the 4th house. Saturn is in the 5th house. Rahu in the 8th house nd Moon in the 9th house.
                      1) Is Malavya yoga present and will this yoga will show its effect during Venus mahadasa?
                      2) Sun nd Mercury in same house at 3:32 and 19:10. Is Budhaditya yoga present and how it will effect?
                      3) 4 planets in one house i.e. in dhan bhava. What cn b the results of it?
                      • Hi Rajesh,

                        1) Yes you have Malavya yoga. This yoga is not dasha dependent but that being said dasha of a well-placed planet & in angle is supposed to give success (other considerations always come into account though). This yoga has to do with the characteristics of the native' s temperment , with Venus we can expect diplomatic qualities and the ability to enjoy harmoniously the good things of this world.

                        2) Yes you have Budhaditya yoga. Note that it's not that uncommon since Mercury always travels pretty close to the Sun. The orb here is very large. This yoga supports the expression of the Sun and favours intellectual development.

                        3) The stellium in the 2nd shows a great focus on 2nd hse matters like accumulated wealth, family, etc. (read the post up above for Kishore). The node Ketu here is going to throw things off at times, financial status can go unsmoothly, way to handle money can be peculiar, difficulties with family members, spouse can be controlling, native often needs to control their speech which can be harsh/critical. Rahu in the 8th usually promises legacies coming from spouse (depends on strength). Learning humility is the key to this axis as resources can come and go. To understand the planets in this position, view which houses they lord. The point is also to develop the qualities of the opposite sign (as the attributes of the sign of Aries have already been developed in a past life) where Rahu is, since it's Libra, it's all about balance, compromise, seeking harmony, all Venusian attributes.
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                          Hi Attikka,
                          Thanx a lot 4 ur reply. The way u clarify each n every point is splendid. Well as a remedy, i have got the Ketu shanti done by chanting its mantra for 17000 times and then the havan for that. I am abt to wear Ketu yantra, rahu yantra, shani yantra and jupiter yantra in a locket. Shud i go for shanti of anyother planet too. Plz suggest and any remedy to be taken in account to get the things better.

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