all dusthana lords in 12th house(again a dusthana)

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I am a beginer in astrology. I have read that dusthana lord in dusthana makes vipareet rajyog. I have seen a chart in which a libra ascendent has Jupiter, mercury and venus in virgo (lord of 6th , 8th and 12th in 12th) as well mercury exalted as it is in its exaltation sign, but this person does not seem to have a very good life. Is this conjuct is not rajyog or it can have other meanings too.

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  • each have to be taken separately

    two dusthana lords together in a dusthana will be hard mainly on the other areas of life, related to the NON dusthana houses.. Mercury for gurus (9th house) - venus for health (1st house) - Jupiter for siblings and healthy courage and flexibility (3rd house) --
  • first..venus is lagnesh..lagnesh doesnt get the dosh of bein consider venus to be a very good planet for libra ascendant..i mean its lagnesh goin in 12th house is not good for the persons personality temperament mind sukh etc..jupiter goin in 12th house is anyways not good even tho it might be lord of 6 th house for him still it goin in 12 th house will bring bout negative results in the areas for which juptier is a natural karak.. children vivek courage(it bein lord of 3 rd house ) even mind and intillect(this is confirmed coz lagnesh is also in 12 th house)..however it could make the native mercury in the 12 house being exalted is good i would say (because acc to parashar ooch bal for grahas is most imp) so i dont think mercury could get a better placement than that..however the down side of this placement could be a lot of expenses..sometimes even unecessary..all these results are again subject to the positionin placements and strength of other planets in the horoscope...also one needs to see the dasa the native is runnin..hope that helped a little.
    • Hi Sadashiv ji and Katyayini ji,
      Thanks for intimating me for other planatery situations-
      These are according to lahiri ayanamansha
      Libra as- Rahu and moon in asendent
      saturn in 2nd house-- scorpio
      ketu in 7th house - Aris
      mars and sun in 11th house-- Leo
      Jupiter venus and mercury in 12th house - virgo

      I wil try to get exact angle nad date/time of birth and post them too. I hope this will clear the picture a little bit.
      but still the doubt as you both have said these planets in dusthana will give bad results. But as i have read in some literature that dusthana lord in dusthana give favorable results (VRY). Here in case of this person all the dusthana lords are conjuct and in dusthana, does VRY works on case to case basis or VRY is totally different than i am thinking.

      • vipreet raj yog is what u think it is..but no principle in astrology can be applied has to be applied liberaly..otherwise the predictions can go hay i have said earlier a lot of other things have to considered..just by lords of dusthana goin in dusthana doesnt not mean all good..u have to understand to look the horoscope from every angle...venus goin in 12 house is NOT GOOD as its the lagnesh and the other planets goin there will give diff results as i have mentioned earlier..there is a positive and a negative to everythin..jupiter and mercury goin in 12 th house has its positives and negatives no principle can be applied blindly..
        • Indeed that is true, judge a chart in totality.
          12H is often not well understood but it is a very important bhava for it is the place from where you get sleep and where you learn to give.
          No benefic is really good in 12H, however among all, for Venus it is probably the best placement. It makes one give unselfishly, very good for marriage!

          Best wishes
          • "It makes one give unselfishly, very good for marriage!"

            I disagree.

            Venus is about fairness - not selfless giving.

            Selfless giving is more related to the Moon - the mother must give selflessly to the child or else she is harming them.

            Romantic Relationships (venus) are not about this. They are transactional - between two equals. They demand a sense of fairness while giving as well as receiving.

            Total Selflessness in romantic relationships starts to feel abusive after a while.

            I have met several with venus in the 12th (even in its own sign) who do not necessarily give (or receive) easily..

            many other factors have to be considered.

            Venus in the 12th can show devotion and comfort when isolated, but may not express so givingly with people - In my experience.
            • I was referreing to Venus in 12H esp for Taurus ascendant. Relationship and harmony is examined also from Tithi lord to get a basic view.
              However a benefic in 12H esp Venus as lagnesh is good, 12H is where you spend and give, so if you do that in a relationships, this bhava prospers. It gives argala to 2H , 11H and 9H, their significations then also flourish. In Taurus asc, Ve is also 6L, so in 12J that is again a not bad placement.. It doesnt make you go on this path but if you do, relations will benefit as well.
              It also gives Taurus asc, a tenacious determination, with AL in 11H, they cannot be put down for long and will always rise with Lagnesh sustaining their image(AL).
              Hope this makes sense.
              best wishes
              • "However a benefic in 12H esp Venus as lagnesh is good"
                ... i mean if u really want to be in denial..
                venus in 12 house otherwise would not have been a bad placement (venus exalted in 12 house or in its own sign in the 12 house or venus in 12 house exept for libra and taurus ascendants are all good) but since its the ascendant lord its not good..

                "It also gives Taurus asc, a tenacious determination, with AL in 11H, they cannot be put down for long and will always rise with Lagnesh sustaining their image(AL)"

                a person with taurus ascendant is anyways exceedingly hardworking and determined and can work and go on and on for hours..its got nothing to do with AL falling in the 11 house of the natal chart..
                • Well, I dont agree on this, so no point in going on. Perhaps you need to examine 12h concepts, which dont come easily anyway.
                  AL in 11th, is always sustained by a benefic in 12H and if its lagnesh, its best for it. Thats why you cant put this Tauraus down.

                  Best wishes
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    each to their own..

                    "AL in 11th, is always sustained by a benefic in 12H and if its lagnesh, its best for it"
                    hows does this work?i mean there is no drishti of the lagnesh on the AL nor is it occupyin the AL..i dunno which state is the atma karak putra amtya karak and other raj yog karaks are here..these could change the story a little..
                    • Lets look at it this way. What sustains the AL? It is the...2nd from it..this is the resource of the AL, what is 'ready and now'. Thus a benefic in 2nd from AL is a boon. You dont need any dristi.
                      So for Tau asc. Ven in 12H, uplifts the AL in 11H. Remember wherever lagnesh goes it takes the energy from that bhava, that is why I said Ve in 12H is not a bad placement at all.
                      As far as karkatwa is concerned, benefic planet in 12H will benefit its bhavas when worshipped as Vishnu avtaar.
                      We arent looking at charkarakas here.
                      Best wishes
                      • The details of the person are-
                        Birth date 29th Aug 1957
                        Time 10:14 am
                        Longitude 80 degree 45 minutes E
                        Latitude 26 degree 14 minutes N
                        According to Lahiri ayanamansa using shri jagannath hora planetary details are-
                        As-Libra 11-19’12’’
                        Sun MK- Leo 12-18’48’’
                        Moon GK Libra 4-20’15’’
                        Mars AK Leo 20-03’16’’
                        Mercury® DK Virgo 01-48’42’’
                        Jupiter PiK Virgo 10-57’41’’
                        Venus AmK Virgo 17-41’44’’
                        Saturn BK Scorpio 14-39’12’’
                        Rahu PuK Libra 20-43’32’’
                        Ketu Ari 20-43’32’’

                        I do agree with katyayini ji partly that native is charitable (but not facing problem with children vivek and courage, in fact native is very courageous probably due to libra ascendant and rahu in lagn), however he had lot of unnecessary expenses, but as for as marriage is concerned native was married at the age of 27 and still that marriage is sustained, so I think there is no problem from the marriage point of view. I hope this post with birth details of the native will put more light on the subject.
                        • Dear Shivam,
                          This is an interesting chart, there is a grahmallika yoga involving 11,12,Lagna and 2h. Lagnesh Shukra is well placed with Guru and Buddha, which are giving a VRY, being lords of 6,8,12. Budha is exalted but retro, thus being neech in effect and thus good.
                          This person also has 10L in singhasan yoga but affliicted with Rahu. This person will do well away from native place, hence in foreign countries/location.
                          He should actually have a very good marriage, except that Ketu in 7h and Ve in12H can give two spouses/relationship( curse of Tulsi). Lagnesh however sustains the marriage and own image as well.
                          Person may have had financial issues while growing up but depending upon strength of Guru, it can give virodhargala to Shani in 2H.
                          Shani is good as YK .
                          Rahu-Moon in Lagna can also give RY.
                          One needs to study the chart in relation to native's accomplishments.
                          What Q were you asking?
                          Best wishes
                          • Hi,
                            You are right the native had and in fact is having money problem throught his life. When I saw the native chart it clearly has VRY all dusthana lords in dusthana togather. But native was always worried and having finatial issues throughout the life. As I read in some places that VRY gives results later in life. But in the native's case he has passed already 50 years of his life. I wanted to know that VRY has any effect or not. BTW what is curse of tulsi (I know it as a story, but dont know its relation with vedic astrology).


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