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I have been reading Sanjay's book on remedial measures. I see that he lists Visnu avatars for Rahu and Ketu. Do you use Rahu or Ketu as the ishta devata when they are 12th from the karakamsa? Also, when there is more than one planet 12th from AK in navamsa, are there special rules for which one is the ishta devata? Or is it just whichever is strongest by sign, house and aspect? Anyone can offer their opinions.

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    Wed, April 14, 2004 - 9:58 PM
    Okay, I have read a little further and answered my own question. Whichever planet is strongest by sign placement, or secondarily whichever one has more degrees in the rashi.

    Sanjay also says that Ketu can be the ishta devata, and Jaimini calls this "kaitou kaivalyam", meaning the soul is seeking final emancipation. My ex has this so I did a little research on Lord Matsya, Visnu's Ketu avatar. It is a fish and related to the myth of the flood. I find that very interesting.

    I am attempting to figure out what deities I should be worshipping. Sanjay says the "Vedic" method is to worship the strongest planet in the trines. For me that is the Sun, and the deity for the 2nd drekkana of mutable signs is Ganapati.

    Also, I find the sarvashtakavarga (SAV) method of worhsip interesting. My houses/signs with lowest SAV are 1st/Gemini (22) and 9th/Aquarius (20) - man, the two best houses too! Parasara says for 20 points worship Saraswati and for 22 points donate some gold. But if I don't have gold, I can give anything that Surya rules. Wheat bread, maybe? It is interesting that the remedial measure for the house with my Sun in it, in this cas happens to be donating gold!

    Sanjay says that for Ishta (and Dharma Devata) you first see if there are any planets 12th (or 9th for Dharma Devata) from the AK, which I knew. But lacking planets, he says look to see if planets are aspecting the AK. I had not heard this before. Does anyone here have an opinion about that? Do you always take aspecting planets over the ruler of the 12th? In my case, Guru aspects and rules the 12th, so it is definitely the Ishta Devata, and the deity is Vamana.

    But for Dharma Devata, the question remains: Do I take Shani, who aspects the ninth from the AK, or do I take Budha, who rules the 9th? Before I had thought it was Budha, but it sounds as if Sanjay is saying I should take Shani as the Dharma Devata. Shani is in Cancer with Ketu, so it is not particularly strong in the navamsa.

    Guru Devata is seen as the Bhratrikaraka (BK) and any associated planets. That would be Venus, which is alone in the navamsa. Shukra is my teacher or guide, and also my current dasa lord. Since Venus is ruled by a rajasic planet (itself), I should be worshipping Lakshmi.

    And indeed, for a strong Moon like mine I should worship Durga, if I choose to worship Chandra. Is my Moon still considered strong even though it is nearly kema druma? I suppose that Jupiter's placement and the Moon's house placement cancel the kema druma, but it is still pretty unassociated. I have often felt very alone in life, and have had extended periods of struggle and depression.

    I am also discovering the many mantras contained in the book, such as the mrityunjaya mantra, which I realize now I already know because I have heard it so many times.

    This is great stuff. Thank you all for inspiring me. If you have time, please review the above information and comment or correct if you like. I am just begining to learn about the devatas. Here is my birth info again if you need it:

    David Ray
    7/4/1972 @ 5:46AM
    Santa Barbara, CA

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      Wed, April 14, 2004 - 10:22 PM
      Still considered Kema druma - but greatly Modified by the Gaja Kesari Yoga - Jupiter in an angle - Jupiter is even MT,. that is a great jupiter

      I do not feel that things are cancelled in Astrology. They are modified. Which means that yes, you have a kemnadruma Yoga so you will feel alone sometimes, But it is modified by the great benefic JUpiter. So when your MOon (mind) feels destabilized by the effects of the Kemadruma, you fall back on the strength of Guru to get your balance again - So the kemadruma is in effect, but modified and supported by Jupiter - the more supporting factors the less we feel it. Just like neecha banga.

      I also have a Kemadruma, but i have Saturn in the first angle from the moon - modifying teh kemadruma. so whe i feel alone i fall back on Saturn,. not as joyous thats' for sure, but practical and disciplined. He is also in Capricorn and my AK - I love my Shani there, but sometimes i'd like a little Jupiter love on my MOon.
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        Re: ishta devata

        Sat, April 17, 2004 - 12:01 PM
        You have shakata yoga also (Jupiter in dusthana from Moon), that also modifies the kema druma.

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          Sat, April 17, 2004 - 12:32 PM
          and also:

          Raja "king" Yoga
          Jupiter in the 10th and the Moon in the 5th.
          "One will conquer his senses, will perform penance and shine forth with excellent royal marks giving way to a high status."

          This yoga indicates a very imaginative and optimistic mentality, as well as a tendency towards spiritual mindedness.

          SO there are a few modifications to the MOon, But I believe it only the planets on angles from the moon or aspecting the Moon which modifiy the kemadruma specifically. I will look that up though. In my chart there is SAturn in the angle and Mars rasi aspecting,,,
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          Sat, April 17, 2004 - 12:34 PM
          I forot, also this Jupiter MOon yoga , similar to sakata -but better with Jupiter in JAgraad state.

          Mukuta "crown" Yoga
          Jupiter in the 6th or 8th from the Moon and Jupiter is in its own or exaltation rasi.
          "One will wear a crown."

          This yoga presents one with a crown, or it may indicate the inheritor of some lineage. Failing that, this yoga always crowns the native with the greatest popularity or renown in their field. This yoga gives the results of its name remarkably often.
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            Sat, April 17, 2004 - 12:53 PM
            BTW the indications of these yOgas were copied from a pull down from Software, hence the bombastic ,. "the greatest popularity or renown in their field." i did not proof it! haha

            namah sivaya
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      Re: ishta devata

      Thu, April 15, 2004 - 5:41 PM
      Correcting myself:

      My bhratrikaraka is actually the Moon. But Sanjay says that planets aspecting the BK, as well as the BK itself, are all Guru Devata. So that would be Moon and Venus, as well as Jupiter. I wonder what the meaning is of the Guru Devata being based on the significator of brothers?

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      Fri, April 16, 2004 - 8:19 AM
      |Jaya Jagannath|
      Dear Boom,
      Forget all the other deities.. Just worship the Ishta Devata, in which ever form you feel best about and all the other mantras will spring forth from there, as this deity will always ensure that your soul is on the right path, and hence will ensure that when you need a new mantra or a propper mantra your ishta will give you the mantra automatically... neat eh? The Mantra or new prayer could come suddenly during Meditation from no specific source, or you find a guru one day who decided to give you a mantra they felt you needed.
      Best Baba wishes, Visti.
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      Mon, October 19, 2009 - 4:40 AM
      Dear Sir,

      Please let me know who is my ishta devata and dharma devata?Which mantra i have to use to get maximum benefit?

      DOB:-05th July 1977

      Birth time:-20:23pm

      Birth Place:-Miraj,Maharashtra,India

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    Re: ishta devata

    Wed, April 14, 2004 - 10:07 PM
    I'm just having a conversation with myself!

    Maybe there is a kema druma element to my chart...

    I find it very interesting that from the viewpoint of the dharma houses in my rashi chart I should be worshipping Ganapati. I have been given both a golden Ganesha image for hanging on the wall, and also a yantra for Ganesha. The yantra was made by an acquaintance who put a lot of time and prayer into it, and I was surprised when he gave it to me, since I didn't know him that well. All he knew was that I was a Jyotish and he wanted me to have it. It is interesting that they were both given to me. I have heard that all astrologers should have a Ganesha and worship Ganesha.

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      Fri, April 16, 2004 - 11:03 AM
      Its good for all astrologers to worship Ganapati. You can do a few mantras to him before any type of puja or spiritual practice or before casting a chart, etc. He protects us from making mistakes. Ganesh is connected to Ketu, the planet which significates mistakes. He helps us to calculate properly. They also say that worship of Ganesh will always lead us to his father.

      Ganesh is also really important with regards to badhak (obstacles). When you see them in a chart he is the easiest way to remove them. The more advanced rememdies are in the last chapter of 'Vedic Remedies in Astrology'

      Namah Sivaya

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