seventh lord in fifth house

topic posted Sun, October 14, 2007 - 12:32 AM by  aman
hi, i am a female with seventh lord mercury placed in the fifth house. i have jupiter in the ascendent. just wanted to know about my marriage, will it be love or arranged? what will my spouse be like?
i have venus in 6th and moon in 4th houses
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    Tue, October 30, 2007 - 6:19 PM
    Your info is not detailed enough for your questions.
    But it all sounds very good. Fifth house connection with seventh would indicate an active and creative partnership with your spouse and a romantic loving marriage. Jupiter is karaka for husband for women and is very well placed in the first house, gets dik bala or directional strength. It should mean that you´ll be close with your husband and children but that is hard to say also unless I know more about aspects and other details.
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      Wed, October 31, 2007 - 9:46 PM
      hi! thanx a lot for ur reply. my birth details are- may 26 1984 time 22:30 place sangrur, punjab, india ( 30:16:N 75:52:E ). i need help on this one plz, my parents are looking for a match for me in india as i am done with the med school, but i just wanna take my time and find that special someone, i really really like this guy from the med school, he's my junior, so he's still studying, dunno bout his feelings, we're just friends till i was wondering if there are any prospects...
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    Thu, November 1, 2007 - 9:28 PM
    Actually, 5th lord in 7th or 7th lord in 5th is one of the combinations considered bad for marriage. Who knows why? It seems like it would be good to me. I think perhaps it has to do with the 5th being the 3rd from the 3rd, so it is a secondary house of self-will and personal desire. This combo will make you more attached to fulfilling your personal desires in relationship. You will want to be in love all the time, and when that feeling of love fades or ebbs you may lose interest. In the traditional world of India you are supposed to figure out the material details first and then work on the love part, so that may be why traditionally this is seen as a bad combo, because traditionally marriage is not about personal fulfillment but responsibility to your family.

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      Fri, November 2, 2007 - 12:11 PM
      ernst has said that 7L in the 5H creates the dissolution of the marriage if children are born.
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        Tue, November 6, 2007 - 10:12 AM
        Thanks for the info :) I´ve never heard of this before but my comment was strictly experience based. I know a three women with this connection and they are very happily married and all of them met their spouse very early and stayed married for a long time. But of course alot of things come into the play as well. Personally I prefer personal experience so I´m not going to take theory seriously until it fully holds hands with what I´ve seen and experienced.
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          Tue, November 6, 2007 - 12:09 PM
          I agree - trust your personal experience over what you find in books. But I also think it is important to at least try to understand what the ancient seers are talking about. Your friends may have other cancellation factors. While your personal experience is always true because it's what's really happening, there will always be different ways to explain it with the language of astrology. I'm starting to see the meaning behind this particular combo as being about marrying for love rather than pragmatic reasons - something seen as selfish and dangerous in traditional India. Marrying for selfish reasons is totally acceptable these days in the modern world, but it might be one reason why children could disrupt the marriage. Once there are children it's hard to continue that honeymoon phase. But again, like you said all this is theory until I see the examples.
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            Wed, November 7, 2007 - 2:12 PM
            yes very true. I also find it important to understand the connection and the reasoning behind what´s said the scriptures. And I appreciate knowing and hearing about theory... it all starts there and from there experience makes us fully put things together and comprehending. thanks again :)
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    Tue, January 1, 2008 - 9:13 AM
    well...ive seen 7th lord in 5th with other general good things happening about the 7th house and partner business and it all ended in tears...but...I havent done your chart like the rest here have but one simple yoga doesnt always stand out, other aspects and thingfs going on influence everything this marriage I saw fall apart was from the husband being very selfish and mean and so it ended after about 19 to 20 years. it could of been the yoga or the character problems in the mans chart.

    anyway this is from a book I read

    "If the 7th lord is in the 5th, native will be honorable, endowed with all (i.e. seven principal) virtues, always delighted and endowed with all kinds of wealth."
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      Tue, January 1, 2008 - 8:39 PM
      Max- that is a translation of BPHS, from the houselord chapter v 77

      Dave- in India, one is supposed to marry who the parents want them to marry. So anything against this is bad for marriage (esp. if you were the astrologer reading a baby's chart to their parents).

      sambandha of the 5th and 7th houses or lords indicates love-marriage: marrying the person you love- whether parents support this or not is seen from other factors.

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