Respected Bhuwan Ji, my ishta devta and nature of job please.

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Respected Bhuwan Ji,

What type of job will be beneficial for me - Computer Training (trainer / teaching) or core networking looking after network?

Could you please also tell my Ishta Devta? (fear of failure is affecting my morale).

DOB : Sep21-1969 tob:23:11 POB:Kanpur-UP.

thanks and regards

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  • Mercury is your Atmakaraka.

    Chara karaka Planet Meaning of portfolio

    AK Mercury Self
    AmK Jupiter Minister (advisor)
    BK Saturn Brother (associate)
    MK Moon Mother (nourisher)
    PiK Mars Father (authority)
    PK Sun Son (follower)
    GK Venus Cousin (rival)
    DK Rahu Spouse (partner)

    You are in JU/ME/RA.

    Vimsottari Dasa:

    Jup MD: 2004-07-06 (22:33:30) - 2020-07-07 (0:51:23)
    Merc AD: 2009-03-05 (16:36:54) - 2011-06-12 (13:39:59)

    Pratyantardasas in this AD:

    Merc: 2009-03-05 (16:36:54) - 2009-07-02 (14:23:50)
    Ket: 2009-07-02 (14:23:50) - 2009-08-21 (8:49:37)
    Ven: 2009-08-21 (8:49:37) - 2010-01-04 (22:24:41)
    Sun: 2010-01-04 (22:24:41) - 2010-02-14 (1:56:26)
    Moon: 2010-02-14 (1:56:26) - 2010-04-23 (12:31:11)
    Mars: 2010-04-23 (12:31:11) - 2010-06-11 (21:35:28)
    Rah: 2010-06-11 (21:35:28) - 2010-10-16 (17:50:42)
    Jup: 2010-10-16 (17:50:42) - 2011-02-01 (7:22:07)
    Sat: 2011-02-01 (7:22:07) - 2011-06-12 (13:39:59)
    • Respected Purple1

      Thank you for letting me know my Atmakaraka and the Link. But who is my Ishta Devta? How do I find it out?

      It says “the 12th house of liberation is seen from the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa to find out the Ista devata of the native who would guide the soul towards liberation from the bondage of life and death.”

      While searching for the answers I found an article by Mr. P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.

      Extract from the article.

      “Though people jumped to the conclusion that amsa means navaamsa by default, there is one more important thing to consider here. At the onset itself, Parasara clarified which amsas (divisions) are used for which purposes. He clearly said that “the knowledge of one's worship and spiritual practices is possible in D-20”.

      AK is the Self or I-ness (sense of “this is I”) of a person. If existence of an individualized consciousness as a being separate from Aatman or Brahman (cosmic essence) is a kingdom, this I-ness is like the king. That is why Parasara compares AK to a king.

      The 12th house from AK shows giving up and losing that I-ness and no wonder Parasara suggested seeing saayujya and moksha from it. However, D-20 is the correct chart to see spiritual progress. So we should use the 12th house from AK in D-20 (and not D-9) to see spiritual progress towards liberation.

      Thanks and regards

      • You can visit Vistji's site and learn about Upsanamsa. The problem here is birth time accuracy has to be within 1.5 degrees. The quickest thing is to look at the JU and SU connection and trines in natal and D9 chart. This combination gives strong indication of powerful spiritual instincts in the native. Jeevanmuktamansha is another way of providing Ishta. D20 is full analysis but risk of inaccuracy increases but you can still check out the JU and SU relationship.

        • Respected Bhuwan Ji & Purple1,

          I seem to have misquoted in my reply to Purple1. Actually I wanted to ask purple1 that how will I know my Ishta Devta from the link he has provided (I am no astrologer). And I don’t want to learn it; I just want to know my Ishta Devta so that I start worshipping him also (since I am going thru bad phase of life). And suitable Job for me according to my horoscope.

          Thanks and regards

          • your ishta is VE- Durga, fast on fridays. networking will be better choice for career.
            • Respected Guru Bhuwan Ji,

              Thank you for your reply. I am reciting durga chalisa for quite a few years now. Is there any particular prayer of Durga Ji that I am supposed to do? And also as suggested by you to my previous query, I am fasting on Thursdays ( :-) Fasting today).

              I have lot of interest in Astrology and in fact I messed up my career in Nov’09 by consulting a local Astrologer who (now I feel is not experienced enough) misguided me and I quit my job to start a business in partnership. This is the reason; I am trying to look for an answer to my confusion astrologically.

              Why? Why? Why did this happen to me? What is it that I am supposed to do?

              And now step by step I am trying to figure out answers to my destiny.

              Thanks and regards


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