topic posted Sat, November 22, 2008 - 11:48 AM by  satya
In my horoscope saturn sitting in 11th house aspecting my lagna(Tula) and lagna lord(Venus in 8th).As i know 4th and 5th lord saturn is yogakaraka to tula lagna.But on top of that the way it aspects 1st house and venus,will it be considered very auspicious or bad.
I have:
Tula lagna
5th-- Ketu
6th-- Mercury
7th-- Sun
8th-- Venus
11h-- Jupiter,Moon,Mars,Saturn,Rahu.

In addition to above i have few other queries:

1>one astrologer advices me to wear Red Coral as i am going through Mars mahadasa.
Another astrologer tells me not to wear Red Coral as it is a malefic for Tula lagna and advising me to wear Dimond with Blue Saphire.Some body else advices me to wear Dimond with Blue saphire and emreald.I am really confused and wondering that what should be the parameters to consider to wear a gem stone in this type of situation.Can anybody please explain me with proper logic what should i wear now for my better result in life.Or do i need to wear something else.

2>Can sun in my horoscope be considered good.Coz Sun never gives good result in 7th hose but in my case it is in its in Aires(exalted) and exchanging house with 7th lord(Mars).What conclusion can be made about my marriage partner and marriage life out of this kind of planetary placement.

3> 6th lord(Jupiter) is in 11th house and with all other planets and also Kala sarp yoga is present.How to reduce the bad effect of 6th lord.Do i need to wear yellow saphire in my left hand.And how dangerous is this kalasarp yoga in my horoscope.How to reduce its effect.
And mercury as 9th lord is nichha in my do i need to wear emreald for that.

Even though life is going ok but problems are coming one after another.And mentally i am not also balanced.Can any body advice what should i do first at this stage of life.

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    Sun, November 23, 2008 - 6:34 AM
    It's hard without DOB. Red coral is terrible markesh for your ASC being lord of 2nd and 7th, so I will abstain from red coral. Sun 11th lord in 7th is good, it means you will have high status spouse and a bit dominating. Jupitor is another malefic for Tula so it's placement in 11th is very good for income, wise friends and achievement in career. Yogakaraka Saturn's aspect to your Venus house is good.
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      Sun, November 23, 2008 - 9:47 AM
      Thanks a lot for the reply.
      My DOB:25thApril1980, 6pm.
      Bhuwanji ,Is RedCoral will be markesh in Mars mahadas.And How is saturn's aspect to Venus itself ,i mean its 10th drishti .And can i wear a Blue saphire with Diamond now in Mars mahadasa.
      Thanks you once again for the reply.
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        Tue, November 25, 2008 - 12:28 AM
        Hi Satyajit,

        Your Sun in the 7th reduces happiness in the relationship department. That's what the Sun does. But it can give partners/spouse with good income, doing well in life.
        Saturn's aspect on Venus shows lessons in relationships. Saturn's drishti on 8th can reduce support from in-laws or even partner's assets (8th is 2nd from 7th so wealth of spouse).
        Your lagna lord in 8th shows a secretive personality, and many transformations in this life.
        It's always considered auspicious to wear the gem for your lagna lord.
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          Tue, November 25, 2008 - 7:37 AM
          Dear Attika,

          Thanks for the reply.
          I had a doubt.. Sun in 7th is not considered good.But will it give the same result even in its own house or the house where it is most exalted.

          And as you said saturn's drishti on 8th house is not considered good.I agree.But shouldn't we consider
          whether the drishti is to a friend's house or enemy's house.
          For example,if 8th house is libra or capricorn ,then how should we interpret Saturn's drishti on 8th house.

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            Tue, November 25, 2008 - 9:06 AM

            Everything is good for some things and bad for other things in astrology. Try not to view anything in isolation.
            Sun in 7th can give foreign travel, foreign residence also; the spouse can be very intelligent or has high status in employment (last, 11th lord of income, business is exalted); makes the native very independent-minded here in Aries, probably not very flexible; and very ambitious in relationships and/or business. But as far as relationships, it reduces overall happiness - but that's just one consideration when we consider the 7th house.
            As for Saturn and Venus, it is always better if Venus doesn't receive an aspect from Saturn. It's a blemish, as natural malefic, aspecting the karaka for love and happiness. But then results would depend on overall strength and behaviour of Venus in rasi and other vargas.

            Hope this helped!
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              Tue, November 25, 2008 - 11:25 AM
              Thanks a lot for giving your valuable time and broadening my knowledge in astrology.Really ,high status and money is worthless if happiness is not there while considering 7th house or at least i think so.Is there any astrological way ,u could suggest , i can expect marital happiness in coming future.
              And yes,Saturn as 5th lord is a benefic planet for me but other way it aspects venus ,which is not good.So at this stage,is it wise to wear blue sapphire.If i wear what will be its good n bad effects.
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                Tue, November 25, 2008 - 2:02 PM
                Does Saturn aspect Venus in this chart?
                Aug 24 1979 (old) delhi 10:45 am.
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                  Tue, November 25, 2008 - 10:14 PM
                  Hi Tara,
                  Suturn is with Venus in same house.My horoscope is to some extent like yours.Have u ever felt struggling in life.Do u have any idea about Kaal Sarp Yoga.
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                    Re: SATURN Aspecting VENUS

                    Wed, November 26, 2008 - 5:18 AM
                    I have always found saturn trine aspects to venus helpful, unless VE is also aspected by Mars/Rahu.
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                      Wed, November 26, 2008 - 5:19 AM
                      Sextiles are also good
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                        Wed, November 26, 2008 - 8:38 AM
                        Bhuwan ji,plz suggest me regarding wearing of Blue Sapphire.


                        1>If i wear ,will it adversely affect in any way or to any other house or will it weaken any other planet.
                        2>can i wear it in Mars mahadasa.

                        Looking forward to your reply.
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                          Wed, November 26, 2008 - 8:57 AM
                          You have a big stallium in 11th house. You don't need any gems. Your Saturn transits 0-bindu starting September 2009. Please start doing Mahamritunjaya Japa for next three years. You also have Mars/Rahu conjunction, so need a full control over short temper and wasting time uselessly. Please engage in creaive pursuits.
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                            Wed, November 26, 2008 - 10:15 AM
                            Dear Bhuwanji,
                            Thanks for your advice.I have already started doing that.Everything is fine with me but some how mentally unstable,always.Thats why i was thinking of strengthening saturn as 5th(mind) house lord.
                            Not only i am here trying to get a solution but also thereby observing kinds of analysis of you people to explore more about astrology.
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                              Wed, November 26, 2008 - 12:49 PM

                              You didn't give your place of birth initially, now you did.
                              In your chart there is imbalance with far too much fire and no air. Fire gives you, passion, enthusiasm, idealism, drive - but it can lead you to be too strongly opinionated, argumentative, too individualistic, rash; especially where's there's a lack of air. Rahu is in Magha, nakshatra owned by Ketu. So you need to develop your Ketu side - Ketu being in Aquarius, air sign, your 5th house. Air is about flexibility, sociability, ideas. Go and explore the beautiful sign of Aquarius :)

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                                Thu, November 27, 2008 - 2:51 AM
                                Back to square one.If i am trying to explore about aquarius ,again its lord saturn is coming to mind,who is also looking his house(Aquarius)
                                In fact i had created this topic to know more about blue sapphire or any stone which should i wear.Anyway i am thankful u spare some time on my chart after giving place of birth and concluded to explore more about aquarius. I ll look into that.But till now i have never found myself rash .who knows,it may happen in future.I think i am more ground to earth.just like the icon looks like ,in your profile.It actually suits your profile because of the way you reply ,providing valuable ideas :) .

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                                  Thu, November 27, 2008 - 9:12 AM
                                  Look your Sun is very strong. Venus is also strong. You cannot wear any gem for planets in stallium. You can use gem for Mercury or Venus but they are in Trishamsha of Mars which is deadly. The only planet left is Moon( in auspicious trimshamsa) which is lord of 10th and placed in 11th with all malefics. The conjunction is more than 8-degrees, you can try Pearl at your own risk. If it works within three days keep it or throw it away if it does not work. It has to be worn on Monday's after fast. Keep fast on Monday to counter any evil. You can tell it's working if you get good friends , promotion or some free money...........................Goood Luck

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