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What is the signification of this conjunction in the 6th house of enemies? Rahu and Saturn are said to be similar in their energies (like Mars & Ketu). Does this compound the effect? If this constitutes a dwiyoga does Saturn AD give results of Rahu and vice versa?
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  • Hi Alok,

    Yes Saturn and Rahu are supposed to have a similar energy - this could mean a double Saturnine dose and a lot of wisdom to be gained here.
    But they're quite different in their approach: Rahu is an achiever and Saturn is an ascetic. Rahu operates on the mental plane and Saturn on the physical plane - they would both create limitations and separation in order to encourage one to detach from this world ( the ultimate lesson). There's a need for patience here as issues will be experienced on all levels ( physical and psychological levels).
    These two planets can both help towards understanding the karma of life.

    Also Saturn always wants to delay the fruits of the house it's in whereas Rahu wants to have it now.
    Malefics do better in dusthanas, it's the best place for them to be !
    In the 6th Saturn will make one hard-working, expecting no help from others, persevering. Seems to me there could be mixed results: Saturn would reduce the troubles associated with 6th (difficulties, enemies, etc) whereas Rahu would tend to amplify them.

    This combination is quite different depending on the signs - for example in water signs it can give a melancholic disposition.
    It's supposed to function best in air signs, in Aquarius for example it could give a philosophical and detached attitude.
    • Thanks Attikka. Really appreciate your insight! What is your opinion on this volatile conjunction with placement in Pisces in Jupiter's sign? Pisces represents wisdom and with Saturn & Rahu occupying the house, you would think there would be a double (or triple) whammy of wisdom imparted here.
      • Pisces is quite a difficult sign to pin down - lots of unpredictability there due to its ability to merge with the universal, i.e contain a bit of all the preceding signs. This is not necessarily a place of peace and calm either. The nodes there are only going to amplify this unpredictability.
        What a 6th in Pisces it does create a desire to be of service to all: healing, caring, not thinking about yourself. But there's also a need to learn and deal with the physical world first - Saturn would bring limitations here on the physical plane to force this process.
        Find where Jupiter is and analyze it - ruler of your 6th. Depositor is highly important ! Rahu would amplify Jupiter's effects.
        You may want to look for places of seclusion with Sa + Rah placement in Pisces but hard to get to a place of rest. Saturn has the potential to cause a lot of blockage here in Pisces.
        But with this conjunction, you would feel the need to face your karma no matter what - as it would present itself on the physical and psychological level.
        Quite complex. Yes a lot of wisdom to be gained here, but not for the faint-hearted.
        • Hi Alok

          There are many ways to look at it - again.

          First Rahu in 6th is a strong position for the axis to be in. Rahu does well there. You may have either strong "enemies" (negative people in your life) or a lot of obstacles or inner demons. But you're given the ability to fight it off. Still, you'll need to have to assess people close to you (good or bad?). This axis also tends to bring forward issues with sex - too much or too little.
          The other side of it is Ketu in the 12th of course which is great for spirituality. This combination should make you introspective and needing alone time.

          Then, Pisces is a Sattvic sign which wants knowledge, peace, harmony - wanting the soul's progress. Whereas Saturn and Rahu are Tamasic planets - they express themselves through the physical world/body, they can bring clinginess to situation and form.
          Pisces is a water sign which shows how our energy connects and receives the environment we're in. It is a Moksha house, a place that seeks liberation through connecting to one's intuitive nature at best. Also Pisces is a dual sign showing the capacity for change through tuning in to various possibilities as well as staying in one's chosen direction.
          Rahu is obsession, distorted perception, attachment, ambition. Saturn is fear, responsibility, isolation, hard work, endurance, grief.
          Rahu in a Sattvic sign will try and purify the essence of its desires; while Saturn in a Sattvic sign will thrive for solitude.

          The 6th house is a house of improvement - it shows our desire to improve conditions. Saturn is karaka for this house.
          The battle can be with ourselves as much as with others there. It is the house of service at best - so doing selfless service is good to bring the values of this house to a better place.
          Whatever happens with this house, it is supposed to improve overtime.

  • Unsu...
    When Saturn and Rahu conjoin, the horoscope is called 'Shraapit' or cursed.

    Genrally it is a stressful combination and will cause steep ups and downs in life.
    However it is important to see:-

    1) In which house this is being formed? (will not be that bad in 3rd, 6th and 11th)
    2) What is the degree difference. If for e.g. saturn is 28 degrees and rahu 2 degrees, then the difference is 26 degrees and the effect will be very less. Within a 3 degree orb, effects will be very strong.
    3) Also to be seen how close is this to the Most effective point of the house. Closer it is, more strongly are the manifestations of that house afflicted. Plus or minus 5 degree influence is strong.

    I think worst is when saturn and rahu conjoin in the 8th house. 8th house represents sudden events and so does Rahu. It makes the person prone to sudden accidents and steep ups and downs in career and life especially related to money and bank balance (2nd and 8th house).

    Also to be seen is that in whichever house this happens, the strength of the lord of depositor is important. If the depositor is strong/exalted/ own house, then the bad effects harm but dont cause a permanent damage. If the lord of the house is weak by debilitation/ combustion/ unfriendly house and/ or aspect and particularly if that lord sits in the 6th or 8th or 12th house, then sudden tragic events which can be life threatning and permanent can be expected. Paralysis is also typically caused in such a combination or other long term chronic illnesses.
    • Thanks Vivek.

      But generally speaking do you know want the lord of 6th/8th/12th to be in a dushtana so that it causes vipareet yoga? For example if Rahu and Saturn conjunct in the 6th house it would be good to have the lord in the 12th house as that would indicate lessening of the significations of the 6th house. 12th house is house of loss and 6th lord in 12th would indicate loss of enemies. Your insight?
      • Unsu...

        In general most planets dont fare well in the 12th no matter what. Except Venus maybe.

        Vipreet Rajyoga can be one of the most powerful yogas to have in a horo. However, it might still give problems. In my opinion, vipreet rajyoga gives full effects only after initial struggle and stress of some kind or another. 12th lord if sitting with lord of 8th in the 8th house can be a viprit rajyoga for e.g. and it can give a lot of money, but it can still give physical ailments related to the sexual organs(8th) or the eyes (12th). In general it is not good for any planet to be very weak.

        I have seen that genrally if functional benefics are closer to the most effective points in various houses and functional malefics far from them is the best combination in a horoscope.

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