Moon in 8th house, Mercury in 12th - which gemstone to choose - Pearl/Emerald/Red Coral

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Hi everyone,

I've been advised by a couple of people to wear Pearl(Moti), Emerald(Panna) and Red Coral(Moonga). I'm in a fix as to which one of these will prove beneficial to me. I read on another post in this forum that Pearl is not advised to people with Moon in the 8th house. Could someone please tell me which of the mentioned 3 stones should I wear, if at all.

Birth Details-
Date : 21st November, 1986
Time : 07:23 AM
Place: Bareilly, India (79 E 25' 00", 28 N 21' 00")

I have Scorpio Ascendant, Lagna (1st house) - Sun, Saturn; 4th- Mars, Jupiter ; 5th- Rahu; 8th- Moon; 11th- Ketu ; 12th - Mercury, Venus

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    Well...I did out your chart and I think it's best to read it as Moon as lagna. And from that I don't suggest wearing Pearl as Moon is lord of the 2nd and in your first.

    Emeralds and yellow saphires are fine though....I don't recommend you wear any other gem.

    • Thanks a lot for the answer Max.

      However there's just one little thing I'd like to ask concerning your answer. You said "I think it's best to read it as Moon as lagna". From the little bit about astrology that I know, isn't Lagna supposed to be the house of the ascending zodiac? So, in my case, Scorpio being the Ascendant, shouldn't the house with Sun and Saturn be considered Lagna?
      It's out of sheer curiosity and lack of knowledge of astrology on my part that I ask this question. I don't mean to cause any offence.

      Thanks once again
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        No offense taken whatsoever, it's only natural to ask questions...Yes your chart did come out as Scorpio asc and all just like you described but my Guru thought me to always read form the moon as lagna should the moon be in greater strength then Lagna - Your sun is strong in the 1st but it combusts Saturn which weakens the 1st greatly despite other aspects, however, your moon remains in greater dignity than lagna and with good aspects soooo....We turn the chart until the moon sits in the first ^_^

        That has always proved to be accurate in my experience and I'm sure there are many others here with the same opinion...or maybe not, perhaps seeek some other opinions if in doubt.

        hope this helps

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          So basically I'm readind your chart as Moon in gemini in the first, Ketu in virgo in the 6th, Mercury and Venus, both retro, in the 5th...and so on
          • Ok. Thanks for the explanation Max.

            So, you're basically looking at my "Moon Rashi Chart" instead of the "Lagna Chart". I just looked at it. But shouldn't it be "Ketu in virgo in the 4th" instead of "Ketu in virgo in the 6th"? I just get the idea from looking at the Moon Chart.
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              yes sorry my bad I mistyped that...ketu in virgo in 4th is right
              • It's alright. I surmised it was a typing error.

                I'd like to ask just one last question.
                Is the moon weak (don't know the correct term.... maybe "debilitated") in my chart?
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                  Your moon is not weak, but not strong's in what is called Neutral dignity - thats inbetween good and bad....but seeing as Moon is a benefic planet and has Jupiters aspect whom is strong (In good dignity himself) gives you what I believe to be a soft, caring, affectionate, wise, loving, generous, etc....nature, or at least most of the time. Your also probably stubborn ^_^

                  You see, it's fine to have a benefic planet in Neutral dignity because even though it's neutral it will emit it's "Benefic" or "Good" influences.

                  And just for clarity...heres the dignities to which planets can be: from bad - to - good

                  Debilitated - combust - Great Enemy - Enemy - NEUTRAL - Friend - Great Friend - Own - Moolatrikona - Exalted

                  Also note that you can a planet that can be both Enemy and Combust, or great enemy and combust, etc....

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                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    You're almost bang on with the description of my character. I wouldn't call myself wise though..... intelligent maybe, wise definitely not.
                    And thanks for clearing up the dignities of planets. I'm sure it'll come in useful as I progress with my studies in astrology.
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                      • Hi,
                        Thanks for the wonderful information.(Reading a chart from Chandra lagna is important)
                        I just went through this topic as the description holds good for my chart as well..
                        Moon in 8th house and Mercury in 12th house.

                        I have a couple of question here. Please give us your inputs.
                        (1) If Moon and Mercury are in Vargottama, then do we have to consider Chandra as Strong?? or just that it will act as if its in own house?

                        (2) significance of a bad house lord (lord of 6,8,12)in its own house
                        Ex:12th lord in 12th house: Does it mean that 12 th house is going to be saved due to its own house adhipathya( or)
                        12th lord is strong to give strong loss???

                        Iam presently wearing "Moti(Pearl) in my left hand ring finger.Do u suggest any gems for me???

                        My Birth Details :
                        DOB: 10th june 1982
                        TOB: 8:07AM
                        POB: Madurai, Tamilnadu
                        Please help with your valuable inputs.


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                          "If Moon and Mercury are in Vargottama, then do we have to consider Chandra as Strong?? or just that it will act as if its in own house? "

                          Yes...But normally I wouldn't check to see if there was a Vargottama going on unless Moon and Lagna were of roughly equal strength - These things are for when you're having trouble determining which chart to read from when you can't tell whos strong....and by stronger I'm referring to dignity....But should Moon and lagna be equal then just read from the Lagna - That's how I do it anyway.

                          "significance of a bad house lord (lord of 6,8,12)in its own house
                          Ex:12th lord in 12th house: Does it mean that 12 th house is going to be saved due to its own house adhipathya( or)
                          12th lord is strong to give strong loss???

                          Well theres a lot to take into account here...Lets say Saturn is in his own house in the 8th - The native will get a large inheritance, but will also probably get plenty of hits/punchs/etc... to the face, not many accidents, Wealthy, Will probably die of disease, depending on whether he is in Capricorn or Aquarious, the 7th and 9th houses get invloved in various ways - I've mentioned a few good and bad things here that I would predict form a ruling Saturn in the 8th...The good and bad things come from the nature of Saturn - Which is something you get a FEEL for and many would probably interpret different interpretitions depending on their views, feeling of the planets nature and characteristics and what they've been taught.

                          Should Venus be in his own house in the 8th...well things change a lot, more positive outcomes, the way they come about, etc...I know this a bit of long-winded answer but I don't know how to describe it any better...If you don't get it right away don't worry, it will come to you in time i'm sure.

                          I do NOT recommend you wear pearl...I have a blog entry recently writen that will provide some information on the matter of gems which should clear things up in that regard I hope.

                          Hope this helps

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                          • Hi ,
                            Thank you for the reply.I could understand your answer. I shall not wear the Moti Ring.

                            To me,my chart was the first reference to analyse good/bad events with respect to dasa lords to learn Astrology...My Prayers fetched me good education, job. Now, in terms of marriage somehow things are not working .Since 2005,I have experienced the pain of a broken relationship(2005-2007); broken engagement(2008);isolated life (2009). WIth due hold in Prayers I have stepped into 2010.

                            Iam not sure if it was mainly because of "Mahadasa RAHU-SHANI AntarDasa" (or) Bad 7th house with Kethu and Aspect of Mars?
                            (or) Bad Transits for "Rasi:Capricorns" past 1.5+ yrs.
                            If you can throw some light on this and suggest some poojas i shall perform them religiously.

                            As we find is lots of "IFs & BUTs" in this great science of Astrology...I Shall understand better if i could go through your Blog.
                            It will be helpful if u could send the link or the name of the Blog, i can search and find for it.


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