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Rajesh recently asked me a question about interpreting vargas charts, so I thought I'd share some general information for everyone.

Mathematically, there are infinite vargas, but Parasara lists 16 vargas that are important for an astrologer to consider. Each varga chart relates to a different area of life. Though some varga charts show a person's marriage or children, the Lagna of each varga chart is always the native himself. In this way, each varga chart can be read similarly to the main rasi chart. The drekkana shows the native in relationship to his siblings, the navamsa shows his relationship to his spouse, etc.

Here are some things to help you understand the nature of the vargas.

The vargas can be divided into groups of 12, each corresponding to a different graha. Within each group of 12, only certain vargas are considered important by Parasara.

Vargas 1-12 are the Sun. This is the set that shows the manifested things in our lives, all of our relationships, etc. This set includes eight important vargas: the rasi, the hora, the drekkana, the chaturthamsa, the saptamsa, the navamsa, the dasamsa, and the dvadasamsa.

Vargas 13-24 are the Moon. This set shows our psychological reality, our internal perceptions, and emotional well-being. This set includes three important vargas: the shodamsa, the vimsamsa, and the chaturvimsamsa. These three vargas correspond to the three moksha houses also: 4th, 8th, & 12th respectively.

Vargas 25-36 are Mars. This set shows the part of our life where we are meant to assert our will, fight for what we want, and actually make changes to our fate. This set includes two important vargas: the bhamsa and the trimsamsa. The bhamsa has to do with our strengths & weaknesses, which basically comes down to character flaws that we are meant to work on in this life through our efforts. The trimsamsa shows disease, but specifically diseases that we are meant to improve through making effort and choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Vargas 37-48 are Mercury. This set shows our material well-being in general, and includes two important vargas: the khavedamsa and the akshavedamsa. The khavedamsa is used specifically to predict issues with our material world, which can include anything from physical health to finances and property. The akshavedamsa is used to fine-tune predictions of other vargas.

Vargas 49-60 are Jupiter. This set shows our deeper spiritual nature, and includes only one important varga: the shastiamsa. This varga is very sensitive to birth time accuracy, so it is important to have an accurate birth time. This chart is used to fine-tune predictions of other vargas. Parasara lists this varga as being more important than many of the others, so a lot of insight can be gained into a person's deeper nature from it and their destiny. It can be used in the case of twins to differentiate their individual karmas.

Each varga has a primary house that is the most important house to consider in that varga. To find the primary house, you just need to take the number of the varga and divide it by 12. Then take the remainder, and that is the primary house for that varga. Here is a list:

Rasi (D1) - 1st house
Hora (D2) - 2nd house
Drekkana (D3) - 3rd house
Chaturthamsa (D4) - 4th house
Saptamsa (D7) - 7th house
Navamsa (D9) - 9th house
Dasamsa (D10) - 10th house
Dvadasamsa (D12) - 12th house
Shodamsa (D16 ) - 4th house
Vimsamsa (D20) - 8th house
Chaturvimsamsa (D24) - 12th house
Bhamsa (D27) - 3rd house
Trimsams (D30) - 6th house
Khavedamsa (D40) - 4th house
Akshavedamsa (D45) - 9th house
Shastiamsa (D60) - 12th house

Some comments on primary houses:

For the saptamsa, the most important house is the 7th rather than the 5th. Children should be read from the 5th house. But the 7th is the house of sex and procreation. So if a person wants to have kids, they need a strong 7th house in the saptamsa.

Notice the D16, D20, & D24 are all related to the three moksha houses. These three charts should be read together for psychological issues. D16 is our basic well-being, D20 is how we fight our inner battles, as well as our ability to have a spiritual practice that helps us through psychological problems. D24 is our ability to come to a deeper understanding. D24 is the chart of education, but specifically it is called the chart of "perfected knowledge". Perfected knowledge comes from letting go of our illusions, which is the domain of the 12th house. So the D24 is as much about un-learning as it is about learning.

Notice the two Mars-ruled vargas, D27 & D30 correspond to Mars houses: 3rd & 6th. These are upachaye houses and house of ego, where we are meant to fight against our fate and improve our situation through effort. The 3rd is a very important house for the strength of our character and our courage in the face of adversity. The 6th house is about dealing with specific problems, especially health issues.

In addition to this, the first eight vargas also have an important karaka planet. As a set, these vargas are ruled by the Sun, but each varga within the set has an important graha. It is easy to remember, as they go in the usual order.

Rasi - Sun
Hora - Moon
Drekkena - Mars
Chaturthamsa - Mercury
Saptamsa - Jupiter
Navamsa - Venus
Dasamsa - Saturn
Dvadasamsa - Rahu & Ketu

Hora (D2) is a chart of wealth but also shows our feelings of accomplishment. Chaturthamsa (D4) is the chart of fortune, so it shows our material well-being above and beyond the basic stuff that we need to survive. It shows our "lot" in life, how big of a pie slice we get, and this divvying up of resources is the domain of Mercury.

But every graha and every bhava will indicate something in every varga, and for some vargas there are other important planets and houses to consider. You always want to look at the Lagna and Lagna Lord, to see how the person is in relationship to that area of life. The Sun and the Moon will show what that person is doing in relationship to that area, what they are causing themselves. The 11th house can always show gain of what the varga represents. The 3rd & 8th can always show change, etc. So in this way you can read the varga chart as a whole independent chart, just like the rasi, but giving emphasis to the bhavas and grahas that are important for that varga.

David Ray
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    Mon, September 15, 2008 - 5:03 PM
    My major problem with the vargha system is that even a small deviation in birth time( I am talking about few minute) can lead to misleading ASC and Moon position. To be in safer side I don't use the moon and ASC in higher varghas.
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      Tue, September 30, 2008 - 6:19 AM
      As the disadvantage of small deviation in birth time of vargha system....there is advantageous too, by helping to correct the birth time by judging the various events and time of events...regards.
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      Re: About Vargas

      Tue, September 30, 2008 - 12:32 PM
      I know, the issue of accurate birth times can be confounding. But you just have to do the best with what you are given. If a person can confirm with a birth certificate, it is safe to go with that. Otherwise, there are techniques for rectifying.

      One thing, in most of the vargas most grahas do not change signs very fast, only the Lagna will change more quickly. So you can still get information from the vargas without knowing for sure what the varga Lagna is. For example, you can read the varga from the maha dasa lord to see what that varga brings during that dasa.

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    Mon, September 15, 2008 - 6:41 PM
    A very nicely written post.

    There are a few questions that have been lingering in my mind for a long time. Though these questions may not directly connect to Maharishi Parasara's teachings on Varga, I request others to share their views on D-150 (nadyamsa) and its accuracy/ whether anyone is practising either to correct birth time with it or on a larger scale.

    Most of us (may) know Daivagna Rayudu's webpages discussing it, Jhora giving amsas corresponding to D-150, and Deva Keralam discussing very elaborately (only a few nadyamsas) and making intermittent references even from budha nadi, lagnathipathi nadi, quotes Garga.

    However, the question that I would like to put forward is do we have litereature other than DevaKeralam which is published/ accessible on ALL nadyamsas? If so, kindly post the reference.

    Many Thanks,

    PS: I have some litereature in tamil by CG Rajan on (Sukar Nadi) , Sagadeva Nadi (this discusses various ascendants and provides some example- just like Jadaka Satyachareem), Sapta Rishi Nadi (this is available in Chennai, oriental library, India-a book for each ascendant ). To my knowledge none of these nadi books actually use any form of nadyamsa.
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    Sun, September 28, 2008 - 11:55 PM
    Namaskar all,
    David thanks for the article - nice i have few questions regarding Hora chart -

    What is the Significance of Hora chart - how it show the wealth ? other than the finances what all it can help
    how is it read - ?
    I read it is used to time correction how ?
    In Jaganath hora software there are Many types of Hora varga chart why so ?

    Thanks in Advance
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      Mon, September 29, 2008 - 8:43 AM
      why do people always like consider navamsa as the main chart after lagna chart?
      like if mercury is wellplaced in well placed in lagna chart and debilitated in navamsa then it is considered debilitated what if the same mercury is exalted in other charts like dashamsa or shaptamsa etc???
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        Re: About Vargas

        Mon, September 29, 2008 - 4:47 PM
        Hi Mohammed,

        Because Parasara says so!

        Also, navamsa is the 9th varga chart, so it corresponds with the 9th house, the house of dharma. So D9 shows a person's dharma in general, which is reflected in their relationships. Marriage as it relates to the 9th house is a kind of spiritual path, one of the four ashramas or stages of initiation.

        Beyond that, it's a mystery to me! But it's true, we are instructed to look at every planet in the D9, and its condition there will modify its meaning in all the other vargas.

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      Re: About Vargas

      Mon, September 29, 2008 - 5:00 PM
      Hi Nandana,

      There are probably many techniques involving the hora chart of which I am unaware.

      It is used for rectification because once you know the correct rasi, the hora is the next natural step of elimination, as there are two horas for every rasi.

      The hora chart, like any varga chart, can be read just like the rasi chart, with the Lagna representing the native. So it is a modification of what is shown in the rasi chart. It specifically relates to wealth and issues of the 2nd house. In a broader sense, it shows our sens of fulfillment and accomplishment, which is the basis of our self-worth. The Moon is the most important planet to consider in the hora, but you also want to look at Jupiter, the karaka of wealth, and Mercury, another karaka for the 2nd house.

      Different astrologers will calculate the hora chart differently. Many astrologers make the mistake of calculating the hora chart according to the solar and lunar portions. The first half of odd signs and the second half of even signs are ruled by the Sun, while the second half of odd signs and the first half of even signs are ruled by the Moon. Some astrologers consider this lordship as putting planets in Cancer and Leo, the signs of the Moon and Sun. But this makes a very strange chart to read indeed with everything in 1st & 2nd houses.

      The correct way to calculate the hora chart, according to what I have learned, is that the first half of any sign is the same sign, while the second half of any sign is the opposite sign. This shows the importance of the six different sign axes in the chart. In a way, the hora chart is an evaluation of these six axes, showing how no sign of the zodiac can exist without its opposite. The Moon also has this reflective meaning, so you can see how the hora chart has to do with how we reflect on our experience, how we become compensated and mirrored for our efforts with our material wealth.

      The hora chart will become prominent during the dasas of the Moon, the 2nd lord, the 3rd lord (3rd is 2nd from 2nd), Jupiter, Mercury, and the planets that rule any of these planets in the hora chart. If the dasa lord is one of these grahas, its condition in the hora chart can be used to predict the person's wealth and self-worth during that period.

      Hope that helps!


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