PVR's modified Lahiri Ayanamsa

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This one is really interesting and there has been a lot of buzz around this. This work is being considered of historical significance by many esteemed divinators. This i am posting here for all the members here to take notice and if they r using J-Hora, be ready to upgrade their version with the new one which will be released in September end having this new modified Lahiri Ayanamsa.

On Modified Lahiri Ayanamsa

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: 2008/6/25
Subject: Re: [jhora] Planetary positions in divisional charts with Modified Lahiri Ayanamsa

I just came back from my India trip.
Modified Lahiri ayanamsa is not offset from normal Lahiri by a fixed amount. The amount varies from day to day and from planet to planet.
The issue here is NOT the starting point of the zodiac. The issue is the 2-dimensional plane onto which 3-dimensional positions of planets are projected for finding their longitudes. This plane varies from time to time in normal Lahiri. In modified Lahiri, a constant plane is used always. That is the difference. Thus, the planetary longitude planes of Lahiri ayanamsa and modified Lahiri ayanamsa are slightly different. Accordingly, projections of various bodies will be different.
Thus, positions of diffierent planets may vary by different amounts. Thus, taking normal Lahiri ayanamsa and subtracting a fixed amount from longitudes does NOT give the positions as per modified Lahiri ayanamsa.
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om gurave namah

Dear Narasimha


I think you have finally cracked it. The main issue for me was the
*arbitrary nature* of all the ayanäàça and hence their names – Lahiri,
Raman and so many others and each finding what we call a *suitable
date* based on various *personal information* factors which was not
purely mathematical.

Ayanämsha has to be *Chiträ Paksha* all the time i.e. the sidereal
zodiac is created on the very basis and cannot move around like the
tropical and other zodiac. Its very existence comes into being due to
the nakshatra. The rashi have no existence without the nakshatra as 9
nakshatra pada define the rashi.

Secondly, the wobbling plane which causes *true and men nodes* to come
into existence is a play of Maya in our lives. The real truth is that
the nodes from the perspective of karma, cannot be direct. This is
possible only from the Vishnu nabhi and for this *one reason* the word
*satya* in its highest relative sense is applicable to Vishnu as He
alone can cut the head of the demon of untruth thereby creating Rähu
and Ketu. Thus the Rähu and Ketu of Vedic Astrology were created by
Vishnu due to the Sudarshana. So, our calculation of Rähu and Ketu
should be from the perspective of Vishnu i.e. the Vishnu nabhi (nabhi
is the hidden meaniing of point of creation).

You have done well to factor in the motion of the star as this was the
only flaw in the calculation. Please define the extent of deviation if
any in your calculation.

Thirdly, *please* do not give any arguments of whether it works with
TP or something else as whatever works for you may not work for
someone else and that is purely personal understanding and judgment of
the chart – it is the *Horä* part of Jyotisha and not the *Ganita* .
Your mathematical arguments are by far, the best I have seen till date
and am finally convinced that you have deciphered the *Vedic
Ayananamsha* which is purely based on the mathematical definition
given by the various Rishi's. The two things that Lahiri ayanamsha
missed squarely are –

1. Uses Brahma Nabhi instead of Vishnu nabhi resulting in true
and mean nodes which is the confusion of Maya. The correct Vishnu
nabhi was taken by you in the first step. However, instead of
immediately accepting this, we waited for you to finish the research
as you were getting close

2. The perfect *Chiträ Paksha* needed as per the original
ayanamsha definition had to be arrived at.

Once the second calculation is completed and this is checked
carefully, we will have to do the following –

1. Determine the *epoch date of zero ayanamsha* by reverse
calculation which would be mathematically fully substantiated instead
of the arbitrary thing being done now

2. Move a few steps towards the Kali Yuga calculations

3. Would be able to finally decipher Achyutananda and the
nakshatra varsha movements (although in my book I have shown the years
upto the level of the decades, I always needed to be sure) and also
define the correct Jovian years and all that.

You hard work is of great historical significance and do check your
calculations with at least two other sources.

With best wishes,

Sanjay Rath

15B Gangaram Hospital Road, Delhi, India 110060
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