what is the effect of sun in 7th house when benefic?

topic posted Mon, July 25, 2011 - 10:07 PM by  siddhanth
dear respected members,

Sun, in 7th house is considered BAD FOR MARRIAGE since it is pakka ghar of venus. but since it is in a friendly sign(pisces) which is ruled by a natural benefic which is also badhaka for lagna lord(virgo,mercury). since sun is almost everytime with mercury(sure is this once also rather causing buddhaditya yoga). what can be its effect its pretty confusing as its both malefic and benefic at the same time?

thank you for giving your time to this post,

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  • Hi Siddhanth,

    Ur son is the lord of 12th house is in parivartana with 7th lord Jupiter. This usually gives plenty love affairs, more than one at the same time, especially because 1st lord is with 12th lord in 7th. However your 1st lord is combust, and Venus is in 6th with 8th lord, your effects may be different, especially because you are not going to run Mahadashas of Sun, Mercury or Jupiter anytime u'll continue to notice other effects over the next few years...5th and 6th lord Saturn is also aspecting 7th house from 5th so your marriage may break due to extra marital affairs and during Rahu Mahadasha you may have health issues...Buddhaaditya yoga is cause only when sun or mercury are related to 5th house or 1st house or both...u have one advantage, mercury is related to 1st house, but not 5th house so it will be another version of the yoga, and not as powerful as when 5th lord is involved. Aspect of 5th lord saturn will have its contribution as Saturn is also 6th lord which rules intelligence...


    • thank you for the detailed reply aalok,

      but to be frank, love affairs and all have always been given a backseat in my life though i have been always being favoured by girls in everything and supported by them through difficult times(strong moon natural karka 4th house) but i sometimes bind myself to not to get involved with them because of huge responsibility it brings. for me, there is a certain age for everything that has to be attained before taking certain steps in life. anyhow, kendra house has buddaditya yoga so yes it might aswel effect the chart as a whole. its a sad thing that venus is with 8th lord but then 8th lord is creating vipretta rajayoga in 6th house which is also getting straight drishti from friend(benefic) jupiter.

      rahu too is under sign of jupiter and with moon. from what i have heard from websites, rahu becomes righteous with moon(according to lal kitab) that means it doesnt afflict the what can be expected is only good results.but moon is also getting straight drishti from ketu. so feects might be unexpected(ketu is in friendl sign 10th house of profession).

      saturn in aspecting 7th house but the drishti is benefic not malefic saturn is in own sign(5th house of sudden gains,luck,education etc)

      let us see with progressing time. september brings ketu antardasha. i hope it will be good.

      thanks for the advice!
  • Hi Siddhanth

    sun is not considered malefic for marriage at all, as it represents atma/ father from where, future progeny comes.
    It only represents, spiritual/dharmic wife(sun in Pisces), more so as there is parivartan between guru and sun. mercury will show intelligent / young looking & egoist (+sun) spouse.


    • dear shailesh,

      according to me, 7th house is of overall partnerships not only marriage. sun in 7th house is said to be malefic for busines joint ventures and a person is better off doing everything on his own. though it is said that it might aswel give problems in marriage, it can give good contacts and success in business(+mercury)
      i am not sure about 7th house as i am getting mixed reactions about it..

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