Is Kemdrum yoga very bad in a birth chart....

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I want to know how can we reduce the bad effect of kemdruma yoga in a birth chart.......i think to reduce the effect wll be same as controlling ur mind.......please suggest........
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    Classic 72 Ji,

    “Well in simple terms - Kemadhruma yoga is when there are no planets in the 2nd and 12th from the Moon (not including the Sun).

    Moon is the significator of the Mind. To give an analogy (Mind) is like an ocean in which there are waves. This ocean goes thru high tides and low tides due to a variety of external conditions like the phases of Planet Moon.

    Similarly the Mind (as signified by the Moon) is influenced by the planets on either side of the Moon causing desires, emotions and generating a reason for action.

    When there are no planets then the Mind can become "desireless" - which in the material world can be detrimental - because without desires, there are no emotions, feelings, need for action etc., This may cause the person to become directionless, recluse, lose his position etc.,

    This may not be the lost cause here - When there are no planets around Moon, but if there is strong presence of planets in Kendras from Moon and also from Lagna - Then the person will believe in power of action, taking initiative, being proactive (rather than being reactive to conditions).

    To add further when the chart itself has planets giving strong spiritual direction, this same yoga can be a great advantage. Desireless mind can lead strong meditation, contemplation of the self - Absolute bliss.

    So the relevance of this yoga - depends more on the general disposition of the chart (material/spiritual).

    Based on what I have learnt - Kemadhruma yoga is considered fully operational when there are no planets in 2nd,12th, 6th, 8th from Moon.

    These are basically what I learnt from my Master's on this yoga.”

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