Gifts of 8th house

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Gifts of the 8th House:
Transformation and Change
By Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A.

“The 8th house has earned the dubious reputation as the ugliest house in the Jyotish neighborhood. It’s the one capable of wrecking the most damage, even death, and it’s hard to get more morbid than that. It can be summed up as the house of change - sudden, dramatic and intense change. As a society we love the kind of drama that the 8th house provides, as long as it’s happening to somebody else! Just consider our obsession with sensational news, reality TV shows, and thriller movies, like The Dark Night, which recently broke all records at the box office. It’s just when change affects us personally that we fear and resist it. Nobody wants to lose anything they value: health, wealth, job, loved ones, etc. So when we do, it’s understandable to blame it on the 8th house, its lord, or its karaka, Saturn. But do we really need another scapegoat for our woes? I mean, in addition to the boss who fired us, or the husband who left us? This article explores different perspectives about the 8th house, and the gifts that can be discovered alongside its typical wreckage. It also discusses careers and events of the 8th house that are not merely ruinous.

Change and The 8th House

In Vedic astrology undesirable change is associated with influences of the malefic planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu (secondarily the Sun) and the dusthana houses, the 6th, 8th, and 12th (secondarily the 3rd). Of the dusthanas the 8th house is maligned as the most malefic because it’s the 12th house (loss) from the 9th house (fortune), which makes it the house of misfortunes - change, death (the ultimate change), obstacles, disappointments, upheavals, scandals, reversals, chronic illness, among other typically undesirable outcomes. The classic text, Laghu Parashari says, “The Lord of the 8th house by virtue of being the 12th from the 9th does not produce good results.(Ch 1 shloka 9)” For instance, M.S. Mehta quotes K.N. Rao in his book, Analyzing Horoscopes Through Modern Technique, as saying, "In the ending of any marriage the role of the 8th house or planet in the 8th is well known."

The malefic influences in our chart generally deliver to us our negative, undesirable karma during the times of their dashas and transits. They fall into the category of tamas or decay in terms of the three gunas: rajas (creation/Brahma), sattva (maintenance/Vishnu), and tamas (destruction/Shiva). Their role is to do the astrological dirty work by passing on the negative effects of our past actions. Therefore, during 8th house influenced time periods, such as the dasha of 8th lord or planet placed in the 8th house, a variety of difficulties are likely to occur: pursuits resulting in disappointment, losses of things you value, etc. You don’t need to be creating negative karma at the time. Bad things can happen to nice people, due to their past, unseen karma.

Even though it’s valid, from an astrological standpoint, to define the effects of the 8th house as malefic, it's our attitude about change that's important. Our happiness is internally based, not externally. “People are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take of them,” writes Greek philosopher Epictetus in the 1st century B.C. Astrology reveals the likely outcome of our external situation but not our internal reaction to it. That is our choice, moment to moment. We either choose to be 'victims of our fate' or we rise above it. We either look for the 'silver lining', the 'blessing in disguise', the 'opportunity for growth,' or we continue to feel like our situation really, totally and justifiably 'sucks.'

Blessings in Disguise

If we don't look beyond our surface frustrations to the depths of our life lessons we're missing the greatest gift of the 8th house - spiritual transformation. The 8th house is not only a dusthana house, but a house of moksha or liberation along with the 4th and 12th houses. Isn't it interesting that the most malefic house is also a house of liberation? The 8th house takes us to our edge where transformation and rebirth are just on the other side of despair and death. It’s a house of transition from one state to the next. Its role is not just to create upheaval that leaves us in a sobbing heap on the floor, but to liberate us. The destructive principle of tamas paves the way for new creation (rajas), just as compost provides fertile soil for new seeds to grow.

Just like compost takes time to transform from waste, the blessing that the 8th house invariably gives, may take time to be revealed. A rebirth is guaranteed following any kind of death, but there may be a gestation period. The Dalai Lama says, “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” We all know of people who’ve lost their dream only to find that something better was around the corner, if not immediately, then eventually. A Course in Miracles says, “All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment.” Often letting go of our judgments and learning to trust the process are the most important lessons of the 8th house.

Slaying Demons

The change of an external situation, like transitioning from a job or marriage, are obvious kinds of transformation but what about spiritual, inner transformation? The 8th house, like its karaka Saturn, often represent the hardest life lessons in the chart, yet also the most rewarding. It’s the house of intense transformation because it corresponds to the 8th sign of Scorpio, the most intense sign. The last moksha house, the 12th house, represents the ultimate dissolution of the ego, but the 8th house is often where the battle between the ego and the soul takes place. Mars, the planet of war, rules Scorpio. It’s where we face our demons and slay them. Our demons are our compulsions, obsessions, phobias, and fears, with death being the ultimate fear. This is our psychological baggage, which is why the 8th house is a house of psychology. The moksha houses correspond to the water signs, and the water element represents our past psychological conditioning, and the unconscious mind.
We slay our demons by facing them and making them conscious. The great psychologist Carl Jung said, “Whatever is not conscious will be experienced as fate.” Just like history tends to repeats itself, we’re doomed to repeat our personal history until we learn from our mistakes. Therefore, it's valuable to take the time for reflection during the transitional periods of the 8th house, so we can learn from our past. "Where the wound is, is also where the gift is," says Sobonfu Somé, author of The Spirit of Intimacy. When we take the time to dive for those pearls we are able to transform our lives the most. We may choose to make a resolve (vrata), like committing to a mantra practice for a specific length of time, that significantly changes our karma from that point forward.
Crisis Counseling and the 8th House

A crisis is the most potent time for transformation, because it’s during a transition that new seeds are sown. Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” However, making a major shift, especially inner, is not easy. After all, we’re creatures of habit, and usually defend against changing them. Harville Hendrix, the author of the best selling book, Getting the Love You Want, talked about his experience of counseling couples for over 25 years in a TV interview. He said, “When it gets really bad that’s when it’s about to change. And most people leave when it’s really bad, so they never get to the change. I think that’s such a tragedy.”
We frequently play the role of crisis counselors as astrologers, because clients often come for a reading while in a transition. This makes it a unique opportunity to facilitate positive change. ”
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  • Any inputs are well appreciated...
    • Really bad house, sexual complexity for sure if more than one planet, chronic disease, good for research and making use of other's money. Just like Scorpio association being 8th sign. Malefic association will give scandals sometime in life. RA/MA may put in jail.
      • Raj
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        What's the effect of having both Sun and Moon in 8th? My question is not specific to any horoscope and hence I haven't provided any chart info.

        The reason behind the question is, given that 8th house is the house of mystery would having the luminaries cause interest in occult studies/spirituality?
        • i have venus in taurus in the eight. libra asc. what are the effects of such a combo.?
          • hi Rude,
            i too have venus in taurus in the eight. libra asc,

            Bhuwanji told me ,
            "Venus in 8th is good for spirituality / researches but with some sort of perversity"

            other astrologer plz tell us more views on this ..

            thank you
            • Libra Ascendant.

              In Natal Chart, I have SU (11) & (R) ME (9,12) in 8th in Taurus.

              Malefic Sun gets weaker and also ME (Bhagyesh) but since it's Retro it's powerful or can call it OK. Also, VRY exists due to ME.

              In Bhav Chalit, SU is in 8th and (R) ME in 9th house.

              In Navamsha,

              Scorpio Ascendant, (R) ME in 8th in Gemini.
            • i have been told inheritances. yet know during my moon-venus phase was both exciting and traumatic. moon is ruler of tenth placed in 11th. Shortly after that phase began, I thought I fell in love, with someone who turned out to be a severe alcoholic and liar as well as bi-polar. But they were fun and creative and artistic and exciting, very stimulating. On the other hand, in jan. 2006, I transferred jobs to another city in the post office. One wk later an insane woman with whom i worked went on a shooting spree at my old job and killed 6 of my friends. This was at the Santa Barbara Post office. I cant help but think of it in astrological terms like this: moon ruler of 10th (career) in the 11th house (friends and associates) combined with venus ruler of 8th (trauma and death) and venus ruler of first in the eight (loss of dignity, respect). I had a very hard time coming to terms with what had happened, and missed alot of work because of it and during that first year of that phase. My mother grew sicker but died shortly (within a month) after my moon-sun phase began. Does this sound like an accurrate interpretation,in hindsight?
              • also, this was the beginning of my sade saati. Saturn in 10th (career) aspecting 12th (loss, emancipation, spirituality) apsecting 4th(home,mother, happiness) aspecting 7th (spouse, contracts). My former wife was a great deceiver and thinks got so much more complicated during this time even though we had been divorced a yr.

                Any thoughts?
                • Please include the dates – DD/MM/YYYY, so that astrologers can check with Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantardasha and so on.

                  I think VE being in its house is good because it’s ruler of houses 1 and 8. VE is Lagnesh – Natal Chart.

                  Read this article at
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Dear Purple1,
                    Your article on 8th house is very insightful. I am a Libra asc and have Ketu in 8th house. Also Mo and Ra in 2nd house.
                    Any views or insights on that.

                    Best Regards
                    • Dear Deepak,

                      The article is written by Mr. Vaughn Paul Manley M.A. I hope you have read it fully.

                      Make a new thread. So, Astrologers can give their opinions on that.


        • Quoted

          “The most important astrological elements of a chart are the ascendant, Sun and Moon.”

          Quoted by Bhuwan Ji

          “Shadbala is very important for asserting the real strength of planets. Any chart with very good MO, SU and ASC is far more powerful than a powerful Raj yoga because these yoga only give results in their dasa. Good su and mo can make you like a king on daily basis”
      • for gemini lagna, shani becomes both 8th, 9th lord
        for cancer 7th, 8th lord how to decipher the characteristics as well as dasa/antardasha of shani in such cases.
        • having kethu in 8th house (LIBRA) n rahu in 2nd house( ARIES)
          is it leads to good or bad becoz they are not good for placing in 2nd n 8th houses but can any one tell me what it leads due to rahu n kethu placed in 2nd n 8th house???
          • Raj,
            SU and MO in 8th curtails happines from parents, specially from father.
            • Quoted

              “The most important astrological elements of a chart are the ascendant, Sun and Moon.”

              Quoted by Bhuwan Ji

              “Shadbala is very important for asserting the real strength of planets. Any chart with very good MO, SU and ASC is far more powerful than a powerful Raj yoga because these yoga only give results in their dasa. Good su and mo can make you like a king on daily basis”
              • if some one has chart of abitabh bachchan his chart is best example of gift of 8th house .he has 5-6 planets in 8th house (8th house illuminated). I remember he is of aquarious asc.his fame popularity achievements in life are adorable but one negative impact is regarding his heatlh he has undergone many surgeries one promienet (coolie accident).
                "6/8/12 houses should be empty "what texts says but here 8th house has played pivotal role.this cant be generalised its just an example to study effect of 8th house
                • nc
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                  Hi i got very intriguied,by the discussion,

                  I have been told that my 8th house is the most pronounced one,having Jupiter and Moon in conjunct forming the gaj kesari yog....
                  My DOB 7th March 1983,POB Kanpur UP,TOB 9:15 AM.
                  Can anyone guide me the abt the effects of both...

                  Thnks nd god bless
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Quite interesting Bhuwanji. I have Ra/Ma in 8th. Added to it is saturn in 12th But as of now have not faced any scandals / jail.

                    8:15 am 10th May Srinagar (Kashmir) 1971. Maybe life has something in store!!!

                    • Vipreet Raj Yoga

                      Lord of the 8th occupying the 12th house or 6th house
                      Lord of the 6th being placed in the 8th house or 12th house
                      Lord of the 12th being posited in the 8th house or 6th house

                      They should not associated with lords of 1st, 5th, 10th and 9th house.

                      In my chart, Cancer is Asc, Saturn is in 12th house, Lord of 7th & 8th house (Saturn) is placed in 12th house. I am wearing Blue sapphire without any problems
                      • i'm Libra ascendant ,
                        Lord of the 12th being posited in the 6th house its also lord of 9th house.
                        Lord of the 1 st being posited in the 8th house .

                        What does it indicate...?

                        Curious to know..
                        running Venus MD and Mercury AD

                        Thank you..
  • as
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    Isnt the 8th house also an indicator of marriage? I have read it in many places that 7th is for the relationship, but 8th is for the event.
    • Quoted by Bhuwan Ji

      7th is key house for marriage and 11th for wish fulfillment and 2nd for family. A good marriage needs connection to these houses. You are right 7th is the main house.
  • i have cancer ascendant,with moon in 1st house and shani in 8th.shani aspect has affected my career and child.i am leading a very happy and satisfied life despite is ashtam shani going to behave in my old age. people in my family have suffered badly in old age due to health.long life scares me. my birth details are
    dob 24 march 1964
    pob bundi(rajasthan)india
    time 13.31

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