Saturn mahadasha/Sade Sati together

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Maybe someone have passed through such period in his life already? How it was like :D I have it currently now. At most for me it afflicted my mind and ago somehow. Not many bad things happened but I felt really depressed, unhappy. Thousend complexes. Also I felt like I'm the worst, funny fact is that I was one of the cleverest guys in school. I have awful relation with mother during this period. I'm Gemini lagna (social man) but I standed at home all the time. We moved from my birthtown when I was 17 and I have few friends now. I travelled a lot but I felt bad anyway. Maybe someone have experienced such period and could share with us what happened during that hell.
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  • What I have noticed is that usually the strongest results manifest when transits match the dasa/bhukti.

    For ex your sade sati with saturn mahadasa. If the sade sati were to occur when the individual is in an unrelated dasa/bhukti, the results would not be as noticeable to the psychology of the individual. If you were in venus/mars and saturn were unrelaed as dispositor, nakshatra lord, house lord, etc.......then the results of sade sati would not be as noticeable.

    Have others noted this?
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      right now i am in a saturn dasa (have been since about age 13 and i am 31)......I am also finishing up the last of my sadi sati........i just found out all of this info so it's hard to tell what i am noticing. in the meantime i am reciting a saturn mantra daily, which is very helpful.....i would suggest reciting a saturn mantra.......
    • i had a sade Sati in Saturn / Moon - and Saturn / Mars - Saturn / Rahu dasas years ago ..

      Ahh the simplicity - the do or die nature of the sadhana

      the stripping away of the trembling veils of illusion

      i cant wait for the next one - starts in about 3 years --

      in 5 years or so Saturn will be smashing my Moon,, AHHH YES !!!
      • yeah, but you'll be in ketu dasa this time - maybe you'll get lucky and be in ketu/saturn for part of it
        • guys, aren't you sado-mazo or something? for me sade-sati was like too few friends, islolation, no sexual pleasures and so on. you can say that i had tripple luck like Sa/Sa and Sade Sati, last part will be Sa/Mo + Sade Sati + week Moon in lagna. but now I have mantras which are really helpful. if I don't chant them than depression returns somehow. and you like that all?

          • please please please PLEASE EXPLAIN this to me ....
            I am a fire-horse in Chinese ... Capricorn born 4th Jan 1967 ... and EVERYONE has been talking about positive things coming soon ... but I don't know who or what to believe at this point ....

            I found this link but do NOT understand it because I have no idea about Vedic Astrology, where I stand or what this all means.....

            HELP ?!?!?!??
            • Reese-

              The site has a link so you can find out your moonsign, and prob asc also, if you want to go by that chart.

              It's a confusing chart, because it lists "Moon Sign/Ascendant" . So unless you have moon in the 1st house, it's not so helpful.
              • My Sadhe Sati was in Saturn mahadasa but was characterized more by utter chaos and a lot of death. Which sucks for me, bcos I'm such a control freak.

                It kicked my ass so bad, I'm nervous about even typing about it like it's over, like even that is going to swing around and - kapow!

                I didn't experience isolation, loneliness, or lack of sex, but this was SS #1 and was more about things being ripped away. Maybe the key here is "things you're attached to" (such as a place to live and loved ones).
            • reese,
              just relax about this,, sade sati is made out to be such a terrible thing -- it is not necessarily

              since you don't know "who or what to believe at this point", just do your best day to day - which is what you would be doing with or without astrology anyway, living moment to moment --

              Forget about astrology until you can either get a good reading from a professional whom you trust to explain it to you better.. or not.

              do not let astrology scare you this way.. the only bad thing that happens to us is in our mind. in real time we are fine. Your life will happen in real time. Your worrying is not in real time. It seems to me that what you are doing is just looking to confirm some fears in yourself - internet astrology is the excuse you are using to do it.

              If you jump into a sade sati disussion, by the end of it you will be petrified, and likely for no reason.

              You cannot get peace and clarity around the issue this way, on the internet, in blips and blaps of fragmented dialogue. let it go. If you want to understand this better you need to get a reading from someone you trust.

              in the meantime,.. Treat yourself to a nice meal and a massage today or do something fun.

              Life is grand!

              best wishes,
              • [sam] reese,
                just relax about this,, sade sati is made out to be such a terrible thing -- it is not necessarily

                In general, ignoring the other factors, is sade sati less malefic or even beneficial for libra and taurus ascendants for whom the saturn is yoga karaka?

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                  Yes, the effect of the sade sati will depend somewhat on the sign of the Moon. It is easier for Libra or Taurus Moon than it is for say, Aries or Leo Moon. Sade sati can always be beneficial, as it teaches detachment and humility. There is always an emotional difficulty to it, however, regardless of your Moon sign.

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    thanks david. I was actually referring to ascendants libra and taurus and their sade satis for whom I believe saturn is yogakaraka.
                    I assume yogakaraka means 'beneficial' in general and doesn't relate to any specific yogas as such.

                    Although seems from your post that taurus and libra moon also go through a relatively easier sade sati.

                    Also wondering if sade sati is also seen wrt to navamsa chart and the saturn's position there.

                    namah shivay
                    • Question in a similar vein. Saturn transits Leo staring July 16th. Numerous astrological sources point to positive indications for Libra Lagna (11th house). However prognostications for a Scorpio Moon (10th house) are generally not favorable. For a person with the above combination, which house is considered stronger for effects of Saturn transit? Or is it a wash? Positive and Negative cancelling each other. Have definitely felt the 10th house kick of Saturn while running Moon(MD)/Saturn(AD) period. Any insight?
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    It all really depends on your chart. Saturn stuff is always going to be difficult, but the outcome can still be really good and empowering. For Gemini, Saturn is a neutral bhava lord, according to Parasara. This means its effects on the chart overall are not going to be entirely bad. It's probably time to get serious, less fun and games and more discipline and determination. For a Gemini, it can help you keep on track and not get distracted. It may mean letting go of superficial relationships and interests. It may mean sacrificing one option so that you can seriously invest in something else. Again, the specific indications depend on what Saturn is doing in the rasi and in all the vargas.


    • someone made a chart for me a while ago but I cannot understand much from it .... is there anyone out there who is credible, that wouldn't mind interpreting it for me ?
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        Sam and I both do chart readings. If you'd like to contact me to make an appointment, my email is below. I don't always have time to do free "quickies" over the internet, and the danger with those is that they aren't always accurate. I tried doing one the other day and entered the time wrong. Fortunately I was corrected. I'm much less likely to make these kinds of mistakes for a paid reading, when I am devoting my full attention and confirming everything with the client.

        David Ray

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