Rahu in Lagna

topic posted Sun, November 12, 2006 - 10:34 AM by  Indu
Hello All,

What are the effects of Rahu in Lagna?.I have rahu in lagna (Scorpio).
I was going through some of the prev posts where it is said that Rahu in lagna is not good .
Currently i'm running Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha.
Can anybody analyze my horoscope?
my details :
DOB: 27 Feb 1975
Time : 1.30 AM
Latitude: 012:59:N / Longitude: 077:35:E

I'm going through a very rough patch in life both professional and personal front. Job is not secure and marraige is also not happening.
Parents are opposing marriage with the person i love. Will i marry the same person?.
Will i get a secure job?
I hope somebody can analyze and give guidance.

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    Mon, November 13, 2006 - 5:36 PM
    Saturn is transiting your Moon and the 10th house. Chant Rudra chamakam, and the mantra 'Aum HriiM viSNave namaH" for temporary relief but know that it will be a tough dasa with that transit of Saturn. Continue this rememdy till the end of the dasa.

    You will have a love marriage, but have patience. Father opposes the marriage, not the mother (she is only supporting your father) but is actually on your side. Worship the goddess Matangi to overcome the fathers opposition, She will offer you and your wife shelter in so many ways, have faith in Her.

    Both Moon and Venus (Jala tattva) are afflicted by malefic aspects. Worship Mritanjaya and offer water everyday, this should be done throughout your life for both marrital and mental peace.

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      Tue, November 14, 2006 - 9:19 AM
      Thanks for the reply. But Saturn is not transiting my 10th house in my lagna chart.
      Moon is placed in 10 th house .
      Also can you elobrate on how Venus(5th house in my chart) and Moon are malefics with respect to my chart?
      I wanted to know when will get a better job and marraige happen?

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        Tue, November 14, 2006 - 3:38 PM
        dear indu....
        i strongly believe your birthtime is 1:45 am...15 minutes is quite acceptable margin of error for birth time.... your lagna is dhanur and your rashi is simham..
        the main cause for delay in marriage is saturn in 7th and troubles in career front is because of mars aspect on 5th,8th .mars is a baadhaka for your rashi (simham). rahu and ketu act as proxy planets for each house and give results of the owner of the house they are in. in your case,rahu is in vrischikam owned by mars and ketu is in vrishabha owned by venus...since you are running rahu dasa , hes giving trouble for matters related to 5th(reasoning power/ability to judge issues) , 8th(disgrace/degradation) and consequently of 10th(career/profession) your navamsam too, 10th is aspected by saturn, and venus who is in 7th (his own house thulam) is again aspected by saturn....although saturn in 7th in rashi indicates marriage to undesirable person(specifically widows/divorcee for men,low caste fellow for women)..THIS IS NOT ABSOLUTE.....its a choice that we all make. i know many girls and guys who have avoided this implication by performing prayer with devotion and got highly desirable life partner.... i dont believe you "will" have a love marriage..i dont think that jyotish is absolute...jyotish is just an indication of certain in god is higher...prayers and pilgrimage for lord shanishvara (tirunallaru) and lord subrahmanya (for mars) is the only remedy and is the most effective remedy...recite subrahmanya kavacham and shani kavacham everyday without fail...exalted venus with lagnadhipathi jupiter who is in his own house aspecting 10th indicates you are connected to chemical industry/chemist/chemical engineer...rahu dasa/ketu bukthi 2008 end onwards and rahu dasa/venus bukthi 2009 end onwards are favourable for marriage ....thats starting around two years ahead...that time is also very favourable for you on many fronts including career..
        my best wishes are with you... good luck
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          Re: Rahu in Lagna (of maybe Ketu?)

          Tue, November 14, 2006 - 5:26 PM
          Just curious about this because I may have Ketu in my Lagna -- if I understand it correctly. My lagna is Aries and Ketu is in the same house. Would that be considered Ketu in Lagna or simply the first house?

          Thank you
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            Wed, November 15, 2006 - 1:22 AM
            lagna is a point of is in the sign rising on the horizon at the time of birth. in your case the sign rising was aries. and it had already risen 18 degrees 44 minutes at the time of your birth. this point AT 18 degrees 44 minutes IN aries is called as your ascendant.also note that each sign is equal to 30 degrees of the zodiac. the sign rising is the house containing your ascendant and thus becomes the first house in your chart.since ketu is in your first house it can also be said it is in your lagna...just like people use the terms "mass" and "weight" interchangeably in everyday speech...for example .."he weighs 80 kilos" which is theoretically wrong but colloquially acceptable. (weight is a force and measured in newtons, while mass is the quantity of matter measured in kilos)
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              Wed, November 15, 2006 - 10:03 AM
              Actually the entire first house is called the lagna
              The entire sign of the arudha is called the arudha lagna
              The entire sign of a special ascendent (bhava lagna, hora lagna, ghatika lagna) is that special ascendant (visheSika lagna)

              The rising ascendant is specifically called the "udaya" lagna, udaya means rising and refers to the first house of the rasi chart.

              The degree point of the ascending sign is called the lagna sphuta, all ascendants have a degree (sphuta) that is there exact point, but the whole sign becomes the lagna itself, the lagna is the tying down of the 12 signs to the houses, not a degree correlation. The lagna sphuta is very important, and the closer a planet is to the lagna sphuta point the more it will effect the lagna.

              Any planet in the first house is in the lagna (or on the lagna). how close it is to the lagna sphuta determines how much it will 'color' the ascendant.
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            Wed, November 15, 2006 - 10:06 AM
            Kamilla Sutton has a book called "The Lunar Nodes: Crisis and Redemption". It talks about the nodes in different houses, different signs and different naksatras. Her books are quality and worth having a look at.
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            Thu, November 16, 2006 - 2:38 PM
            generally ketu in lagna, placing rahu in 7th, will show a person very attached to relationships and qwilling to adapt to others ideas and whims. A sort of social hameleon can be seen. yet those relationships may be quite unusual, forcing the difficult adaptations on the native.

            Rahu in 7th and the person is developing the capacity to get along with people and subjugate their sense of personal power and cofidence to others.. Having developed a certain level of trust in their own paradigm of personal strength - sharing that strength without feeling as though they are losing themselves is a big issue - with ketu in general, sharing is a big issue as we feel onfident in our understandoing of that thing, attracting more immature people who test us to share.. So you may get partners who do not trust thier sense of personal strength, so you must share yours and not judge them harshly for their weaknesses or become disgusted with them due to their personal inadequacies.. stated simply.. - their unusual nature forces you to also adapt and stretch in ways you could not imagine and not rely so heavily on your paradigm of strength.

            As i Said, Generally -- the rulers of the nodes and others things will show subtle effects.. especially with the nodes, there are always some unpredictable results - but the ketu in 1st / Rahu in 7th will usually have these qualities
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          Wed, November 15, 2006 - 9:20 AM
          Thanks for the analysis. But my time of birth is 1.30 am as given in my first posting.
          My lagna is Scorpio(vrishchika) and not Dhanur and hence the planetary positions are not as you had mentoined. Plse consider the the time 1.30 am and provide analysis.
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            Wed, November 15, 2006 - 9:56 AM
            i cant do that....i cant do something to suit your whims and either accept my analysis or ask someone wishes and goodluck
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              Thu, November 16, 2006 - 9:10 AM
              I'm really sorry if my posting has upset you.
              I didnt mean any offence when i mentoined my Time of birth and other details , as my horoscope which my parents have got says Vrishchika lagna . And it has Rahu is in lagna. Which most of the astrologers says is not good . As it is in lagna the person will be have chronic health problems and as Ketu is in 7t h house it causes problem in marraige.
              I was happy to see your quick and detailed respone .I felt that you might have mistake my time of birth .

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                Thu, November 16, 2006 - 10:59 AM
                Ketu and Sun are malefic for most indications but not for marriage (according to Maharshi Jaimini), they both promote marriage; Sun for the reason of Dharma and Ketu for the reason of lineage.
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                  Thu, November 16, 2006 - 12:34 PM
                  Using Jaimini techniques, do you still read sun as being an overbearing or domineering spouse?
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                    Re: Rahu in Lagna

                    Thu, November 16, 2006 - 1:56 PM
                    in rasi seventh- yes, the spouse will have the solar qualities, but Sun will not be a malefic in the direction of destroying a house of relationship (as a malefic in a house normally does). Though as the case of an aquarius lagna the spouse is the one in charge, while a leo lagna has the person themselves in charge (as long as teh Sun is strong). A weak Sun can make a humble and spiritual person.

                    in navamsa seventh house:
                    parashara says spouse will be- svakula gupta- one who preserves their own family. (karakamsa chapter, verse 48)

                    Jaimini says same thing "ravi svakula gupta" (1.2.61)

                    the navamsa indications also apply to the Upapada lagna, meaning the souse will be very protective of family- meaning they want a family and relationship.

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                      Thu, November 16, 2006 - 2:55 PM
                      hey freedom,
                      i looked at the karakamsa chapter v. 48 -- i have the Sharma edition and i do not translate sanskrit, but i did not see this.. --

                      I see the indication of 7th from karakamsa, but for the sun it says of the spouse, "She will confine herself to domestic activities only" and for rahu "will bring him a widow in marriage" - maybe this is a bad translation?

                      Also when you read "Karakamsa" here,, do you use Atma Karaka, Lagna or Dhara karaka in the navamsa for this - (Putra karaaka in the d-7, bratru karaka in the D-3, etc.)

                      Aren't the Karakamsa's (indicator of the divisions) read from these chara karakas in the vargas?
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                        Thu, November 16, 2006 - 8:27 PM
                        The translator writes from karakamsa but the verse itself doesn't say anything. the preceding verse (46) uses the word swamsa. Throughout the entire chapter Parashara uses svamsa and karakamsa interchangably.

                        Sva means self and amsa means division- so it literally means the division that represents yourself. later parashara says this can refer to karakamsa (atmakaraka in navamsa) or the arudha lagna. Most modern astrologers primarily use it from the navamsa lagna which can also be done. svamsa litterally can mean the portion of yourself. So from the Moon it shows the emotional portion of yourself, from the navamsa it will show the innate nature of yourself, from the karakamsa it will show the portion of the soul's desire of yourself.

                        So translating it as only karakamsa when the verses say svamsa is a big loss.

                        The actuall sanskrit is
                        ravau cha svakula guptaa
                        ravau-the Sun (grammatical form of Ravi)
                        cha -there,
                        kula-family, community
                        gupta-preserve, protect, gaurd

                        I have heard some translate this as the family protects and loves the spouse-and seen that play out in charts. sharma translates that as confined to domestic activities, he may be doing this because gupta can in some contexts be translated as concealed, gaurded and hidden- but I have not heard it used as confined.

                        I often look at how the word is used in other combinations to get a better feel of it. most uses have a feeling of concealed:
                        guptadaana- a hidden gift
                        guptadhana- hidden money , or gaurding one's money
                        guptasneha- a hidden affection

                        but a guptaka (one who does gupta) is translated as "a preserver"

                        so it has the feeling of being concealed for protection, a guptaka is making everything look good so it stays together well. It is important to get a feeling/concept for the word, as sanskrit is a conceptual language, not literal.

                        some words like vidhavaa- mean a widow, so they are pretty straight forward, others are harder, though vidhavaa can also mean a country that is without a king.

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                  Thu, November 16, 2006 - 2:26 PM
                  "Ketu and Sun are malefic for most indications but not for marriage (according to Maharshi Jaimini),"

                  Are you saying ketu in 7th in rasi does not harm marriage, it promotes it to advance lineage?

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                    Re: Rahu in Lagna

                    Thu, November 16, 2006 - 9:03 PM
                    Parashara says in the upapada chapter in relation to marriage (verse6) that the sun is not malefic for marriage if well placed but can be if negatively placed.

                    in the section on marriage, Jaimini says "netra ravi paapa" or basically Sun is not malefic.

                    The general concept is that the Sun in 7th from lagna, 7th from navamsa lagna and with UL gets into relationship because it is the dharmic thing to do (proper). And Ketu has a marriage to have children. Not to say the spouse won't be a little nutty/psychic/etc, or maybe a foreigner, all that will still be present. Though Ketu delays till later in life.

                    In your chart, seventh from lagna has Ketu in a jupiter sign and Jupiter is well placed in its own so the partners will be very spiritually oriented. Ketu won't deny marriage here but will delay it till maturity time (mid forties)-soon coming, ey. around that maturity you'll start having a desire arise that you want a son (jupiter sign) to teach all this jyotish you have learned.
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                      Fri, November 17, 2006 - 3:05 PM
                      thanks for the explanation Freedom,, All makes sense, ,certainly about the Sun - and i agree that no planet prevents anything - like ketu in the 7th,, i have seen the same thing,, Ketu rasises the stakes. IN this case - a spiritual partner / truthful partnership or NO Partner. ketu usually insists on the thing being developed or is willing to not have it at all. His scrutiny sees all of the flaws in that area of life.

                      I have generally noticed the lack of maturity comes more from the Rahu end of the Node - Lack of forgiveness from the Ketu end.

                      So, once the ketu in the 7th person learns to forgive his partners for not measuring up (due to their nuttiness, immaturity, dependene, etc) then he can give the relationship, et. - This is similar to what you said, but a little different.

                      And yeah I get the nutty ones - that's for sure! -

                      I was hoping with my approaching Ketu dasa to just find a cute, nutty girl or two to come over and clean my apartment and help me run my business.. What do you think?,, Is that possible or am I going to go crazy and do the whole wife / Kid thing?
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                        Sat, November 18, 2006 - 3:01 AM
                        I have rahu in lagna and currenly i'm running Rahu mahadasha and Saturn antardasha(subdasha) with Saturn now transiting my 1st house(simha rasi /Leo) .
                        I have read in one of the articles that when a planet is transiting your 1st house(Rasi) and running same planet 's dasha either mahadasha or antardasha , the ill effects of the planet is more? Is it true?
                        And also a person having Rahu in lagna will not have love marraige as Rahu had not allowed his daughter to marry the person of her choice.
                        How can you analyze whether a person can marry the person of his/her choice?What planets and its postion affect this?.
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                          Sat, November 18, 2006 - 3:21 AM
                          It gave some ideas reading about partners that are bit nutcases. I we been running
                          same problem (or blessing) for my whole life. Thinking, do it have something to do with that
                          i have Lord of seventh in Lagna (Mercury in this case) ?

                          Hmm... it can go other way around, that i am the crazy one...

                          This go out of topic. But still its Rahu and Ketu dating.

                          Rahu is in the fifth with Moon (Aries)
                          Ketu is with Mars

                          So i got high sense of duty.. huh...


                          09:13 AM

                          60 N 27 22 E 16
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                          Sat, November 18, 2006 - 10:26 AM
                          Indu you said: when a planet is transiting your 1st house(Rasi) and running same planet 's dasha either mahadasha or antardasha , the ill effects of the planet is more? Is it true?

                          The effect of rahu/saturn will be intensified due to saturn's transit on rahu while you are running rahu/saturn. This is confluence. HOwever, ra/sa is not always a malefic time. It depends on what saturn rules in your chart, it's natal relationship to rahu, etc.
                          You need to look at each individual chart to determine affect.

                          Of course saturn transiting the lagna CAN indicate health concerns, especially with rahu there natally. Saturn will also be aspecting the 7H, so depending on what sign is on that house, saturn may cast a malefic glance that direction. ie: If saturn rules 7H (cap or aqu) then it is not considered as malefic. It may then bring a mature partner, older, etc after a delay.

                        • Re: Rahu in Lagna

                          Sat, November 18, 2006 - 10:50 AM
                          Indu, you said you were born in 1975 when Rahu was in Scorpio. And in your first post you mentioned you have Rahu in Lagna in Scorpio:

                          "What are the effects of Rahu in Lagna?.I have rahu in lagna (Scorpio)."

                          Now you are saying that you have Saturn transiting your "Leo Lagna" with Rahu in Lagna? Where's the mistake here. Please repost your birth data and include the name of the place of birth as well.
                          • Re: Rahu in Lagna

                            Sun, November 19, 2006 - 2:16 AM
                            Thanks Marcia and Thanks Freedomji,
                            it is my mistake what i meant was
                            My lagna is scorpio with Rahu is correct, and my Rasi(moon sign) is Leo and currently saturn is placed in Leo rasi right?
                            I'm running Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha.

                            My details
                            DOB: 27 Feb 1975
                            Time : 1.30 AM
                            • Re: Rahu in Lagna

                              Sun, November 19, 2006 - 8:01 AM
                              dear indu,
                              i dont know why you keep insisting you have rahu in lagna...the lagna changes in just a few minutes....i can guess maybe you like torturing yourself...i've known people with rahu in lagna..most of them have their lagna smack bang in the middle...know that chhaya grahas are not real planets,but the locus of a point of intersection...thats why i keep insisting you dont have rahu in not into astrology for money ,unlike some quite accurate with my predictions. if you had really understood what i had posted,you would've not kept insisting , like a scratched gramaphone record that "i have rahu in lagna, i have rahu in lagna".so many people on tribe have asked me to look at their horoscope...i have done it and sent my analysis as message,because they asked me not to post.i believe astrology is probability and if you see your chart, its 99% probable you dont have rahu in lagna...IF ANY ASTROLOGER WILL TAKE SINGLE MINUTES INTO CONSIDERATION AS TIME OF BIRTH ( EXAMPLE ...7:01 OR 8: 23...) I CHALLENGE HIM TO PREDICT EVERYTHING FOR A PERSON ACCURATE TO THE DAY ( EXAMPLE..YOU WILL GET MARRIED ON 26 TH DECEMBER...YOU WILL DIE IN JUNE 16TH 2029).. so you see, i apply my experience, alongwith what i learned from parents, and see my attitude you can read my first post to you , and my other posts here as well as in my tribe vedic_astrology_for_everyone. if you notice i concentrate more on rasi chart....because every other chart is derived from it. sometimes when theres no ambiguity , i use the i said in my first post, human will is supreme, not astrology. this what i believe in, this what i follow too....i recommend remedies to people,not with an eye on their pocket, but out of genuine affection for them.
                              i know most people approach astrologers because of problems,but as i've seen in most cases, they are unsure and afraid,because of their lack of knowledge in astrology. i used my experience to say what i had said...i know many astrologers say every second is important, but i say thats b***s***t. so , i leave it to you. this WILL be my last post here.
                              best wishes, good luck and ........goodbye

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