Jupiter for LIBRA LAGNA please give your views

topic posted Fri, February 29, 2008 - 1:16 AM by  prbkn
I will be starting my jupiter dasa in three years
my lagna is libra ,having jupiter in 7th house with moon very close conjunction forming gajakesari yoga
saturn in 5th house aspecting jupiter

Whether my jupiter dasa is good since many astrological reading says that jupiter is bad for libra lagna.kindly give your views

As regards child birth? will i get a child and when, i have a doubt that saturn in 5th house can create problems for progeny as per astrological readings

Kindly help in giving yoru views and suggestions, do i have to perform any shantis etc or any remedial measures to be followed

please advice


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  • saturn is yoga karak in libra and alone is rajyog karak as it cover 4th and fifth house ...lord of kendra and trikona .and its presence in fifth house make a pancha mahapurush yoga ,even dristi of saturan on jupitor prevent the malific effect of jupitor there.for child we have to see the number in astakvarga after trikone shodhan along with saptansha chakra.moon and saturn is best planet for libra .where is rahu? worship of kaalbhairav or batukbhairav will help you
    • Thanks Kishore
      For the details given as regrads Rahu it is in 9th house gemini with sun and mercury
      and the period of rahu was better and ok medium as compared to other dasas which were Bad like sun,moon,mars etc so far
      Hoping that atleast the balance dasas will be good for me jupiter and saturn which will cover almost my balance life

      As regards children praying to kaalbhairav or batukbhairav will help me and wiill that do

      Kindly let me know if there are any other remedies to be performed for child

      Thanks@ regards
      • theoretically jupiter is akaraka for tula lagna, but for practical purposes being lord of 3rd and 6th the intensity would be low according to one opinion and may not tend to function as a real malefic; being akaraka and in the 7th house may not support business partnerships with ease, though seems ok being in friend mars house; may support services well, being lord of the 6th too and in conjunction with the lord of the 10th; saturn aspect on jupiter/putrakaraka could delay the progeny.

        during 2008 jupiter is in the 3rd own house aspecting jupiter/moon in the birth as well as saturn the lord of the fifth moving in the 11th; however saturn being with ketu and in the badhaka sthana and being retrograde could delay the subject matter till end april, and may pick-up thereafter gradually giving results maybe during may-june-july when jupiter would be then becoming retrograde and hence stronger too; saturn in the labha sthana may tend to offer santan labh may be with some difficulties although - may need to maintain some patience till april end.

        currently jupiter/saturn being in fire signs, performing homa for jupiter/saturn may appease them at the moment, after april when rahu/ketu too would have changed houses.

        this is an amateurish attempt just to join the debate in response, not based on experience/with all best wishes!
        • " As regards child birth? will i get a child and when, i have a doubt that saturn in 5th house can create problems for progeny as per astrological readings "

          Own lord in its own house is good. 5th lord in 5th is good ! Should make one happy with one's children - generally speaking.
          The fact that it is Saturn may reduce the number of children though.
          • Regarding your next dasha and wanting to be prepared for it -
            " I will be starting my jupiter dasa in three years " etc

            You must be in Rahu dasha. Exactly 17 months before the starting date of your Jupiter dasha, you'll be entering the dasha sandhi period - this is the time to adjust to the energy of the next dasha.
            Since Rahu dasha is a long dasha, it would have created a lot of habits. You would need to be gentle/patient with yourself during this period as the physical body is supposed to be slower to adapt. This is also usually a time for new events to manifest within the scope of the next dasha: you would start noticing changes around you then. It's good to stay open-minded during this time.
            Note also that end and beginning of Rahu mahadasha are usually felt rather strongly.
  • Jupiter as 6th lord is most unwelcome in the 7th house of marriage. He brings in discord, disputes, jealousy and violence into marital life.
    Gajakesari to give good effects should have a good Jupiter owning either a kendra/kona. Otherwise it will only give dreamy effects. A servant trying to boss over his master by the use of his words is an example. Sani's aspect on Jupiter as kendra kona lord some what mellows him but Sani is a natutal malefic too and brings in his tamasic nature into marital affiairs. But as kendra kona lord aspecting 7th he will give a wife with considerable property/position.
    • Please explain what you mean by "jup. as 6th lord is most unwelcome in the house of marriage." Do you mean a libra lagna will have marital problems when going thru their mahadasha or bhukti of jupiter. Or that jupiter in their 7th house of their natal chart?

      I have libra lagna and am going to be running mars-jupiter in a few days. in my natal chart jupiter is exalted in cancer in the 10th.
      place: los angeles, ca.

      please reply. everyone expects good things to come, and possible marriage.

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