How to predict what Career or Profession would be best to choose, by Charts such as Rashi, Navasma, D10 and Arudha?

topic posted Thu, June 30, 2011 - 6:00 AM by  Yuvraj
Learned Members,
I am very confused how to choose the most powerful chart for the final prediction for Career. As all divisional chart is different.

As the concerned chart details :

DOB : 16 -1-1988 AD
POB : 88'00 E 27'45'' N
TOB : 16:58:00

As per Rashi and Navasma chart:

Jupiter with Rahu in 10th house in Pisces in Rashi chart (Gemini Lagna).
Vargottama Jupiter in 10th house on Navasma in Pisces ( Navasma lagna also Gemini).

Current Vishmottari Dasha : Ve / Ra / Sa

Please kindly learned ones.. how to start interpreting and from which chart we compare the powerful aspects.

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