rahu and Ketu change signs today

topic posted Thu, October 12, 2006 - 3:20 PM by  Sadasiva
for those of you who use the lahiri ayanamsha and the mean node calculation -

I use a little different calculation which has the mean nodes changing October 25. I'm interested to see what major shifts occur around that time and compare. I continue to use this modified calculation because it seems to tighten up the dasa periods a lot better for my clients. Yet aggravatingly, lahiri seems to work better for my personal chart.

I hate that about Astrology, as soon as I think I know something, or something works, I become confounded.

Either way, I had a few general predictions about this Ketu / Saturn transit for the next year and a half.

Most of the predictions have to do with overturning authority structures and "kings". I posted those here before and it seems to be that some of these things are already coming true. Of note, I predicted there will be a real shakeup in the U.S. Congress and the power structure in this country, and globally.

As if the Republicans weren't in bad enough shape, this scandal with rep Foley has had a surprising impact on all Republicans.

Earlier this week, we had the shocking news of North Korea becoming nuclear. They are certainly a part of the old communist régimes and way of doing things. The demilitarized zone in Korea certainly the most tangible relic of the Cold War era.

Also Cuba -- notice Fidel Castro's health lately?.

I also predict that by the end of the Saturn / Ketu transit, Prince Charles will become king of England or that will become a major issue. The Queens health will start to fail or she will want to give up the throne. She enters Jupiter dasa next year, the debilitated lagna lord losing a planetary war to Mars.

here's a general overview of the Leo/Aquarius axis. Yet especially with saturn also joined Ketu, more emphasis is placed on the sign of Leo and the repression of power and holding those abusing power to task.

It will be necessary to think more selflessly and globally for the next year. On a macro level, landed power structures, such as corrupt governments, corrupt religions, will start to feel the strain of consolidating power in a selfish way. On a micro level, each of us will confront our contribution to this corrupt consolidation of power. Those able to adapt through ingenuity and reassessing their own-self paradigm, will be rewarded with increased spiritual growth and prosperity. Those who cling to worn-out power structures will suffer. The conjunction of Uranus will add extra ingenuity to the mix -- helping those who wish to help the world grow through this intense time. As an example, those who continue to invest or support businesses that perpetuate environmental decay, human rights abuses, etc. should rethink these policies. Uranus and the eclipse cycles will help those who wish to join the emerging revolution of spirit think outside the box will land opportunities others would have missed. Adapt or change will be the motto for this Leo/Aquarius paradigm.
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    Sat, October 14, 2006 - 11:03 AM
    "On a macro level, landed power structures, such as corrupt governments, corrupt religions, will start to feel the strain of consolidating power in a selfish way.....As an example, those who continue to invest or support businesses that perpetuate environmental decay....."

    I've been thinking about oil companies, and how they will fare through this transition we are in of thinking globally of our environmental crisis - since Gore's movie came out, Prop 87 here in Ca. is on the ballot and I've started to see some commercials for hybrid vehicles, talk of manufacturing plug in hybrids.........I even heard Bush making comments about ethanol use.
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    Re: rahu and Ketu change signs today

    Thu, October 19, 2006 - 9:47 AM
    Sam, I'm with you on the ayanamsa confusion. I have had good results with Dhruva Galactic Center so far, but you know that's likely to change (again!). Just curious, I have the mean Nodes changing signs on 12/21 (winter solstice!) according to DGC. So what ayanamsa are you using, and are you telling me it's even further off from Lahiri than DGC?? Are you trying to alienate all the other Vedic astrologers? (just kidding, sorta.)

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      Thu, October 19, 2006 - 12:00 PM
      no it is not as far away as druva -- I have been using the ardra galactic plane --

      it works great with my clients and vimshottari --
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        Re: rahu and Ketu change signs today

        Thu, October 19, 2006 - 1:23 PM
        At some point I will have to do comparitive research on Ardra, Dhruva, and Lahiri. Right now it's too confusing to try to learn predictive techniques at the same time that I'm testing ayanamsas.

        But I think I am totally confused now. In Western astrology, planets change signs sooner than they do in Vedic, right? So an ayanamsa that's closer to the tropical zodiac should have the Nodes changing sooner than an ayanamsa that is further away from tropical. Why does Ardra have them changing first?

        I checked it in Kala and your right, with Ardra GP they change 10/20, tomorrow. With Dhruva GC they change in December.

        Oh, wait a second. Is it because they are going backwards?? Now my mind is really in a pretzel!

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          Thu, October 19, 2006 - 2:19 PM
          yes david,, your mind is in a pretzel!,,


          with the nodes vedic changes first because of the backwards motion.. wit the other planets western hanges first,, Western is about 23 degrees advanced ,, so,, the nodes are at about 23 pisces / Virgo now..

          that druva ayan. changed way too many things in my chart .. mainly nodes in 1/1 cancer, apriorn, Saturn in 9th ,,, did not work for me and other charts i have seen.

          i am getting less and less dependant on the ayanamshas, etc anyway,, i am basing hardcore predictions more on transits and other observable effects.. i generally see the most important things that happen in our lives are when planets transit natal planets and hit sensitive points from other planets and house cusps, etc.

          this in relationship to the vimshottari dasa has been giving me pretty good predictive results for a long time,, it could always be better,, but as my intuition improves and gets refined so do the results.. And frankly, I also have begun to see just how much of an accurate prediction comes from the CLIENT and their karma to be receptive and to be helped by astrology or anything else for that matter.

          With clients who have a reasonable and grateful approach to astrology and what is really being said and what is important.. the predictions are usually quite accurate and very helpful to them, an enhancement to the process of awakening astrology is offering - to those who want to defeat the bad stuff and see astrology as a weapon to use against their fears and to come out on top by outwitting the cosmos ,, predictions generally do not work as well -

          I am talking about yes/no - black/white things -- will I get the job/boyfriend - win the lawsuit, etc. type of predictions ..

          assessing how the person will be feeling psychologically, spritually and why, etc - this always accurate and to those who are truly interested in self growth, this is the real gem.
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            Re: rahu and Ketu change signs today

            Thu, October 19, 2006 - 6:45 PM
            I think it's a constant process of evolution. I have noticed that too, sometimes when a client is being particularly unreceptive I am just stumped for what to tell them.

            Sam, can I have your birth info again? I want to see the changes to your chart between the two!

            For me, nothing changes rasis. However, several things change nakshatra and of course the navamsa is completely different (the one varga chart I had studied in detail).

            With Lahiri I am a double Ardra (Sun/Rising) and I always identified with the intensity of that sharp nakshatra. Although I am not a sharp person with others, I have dealt with a lot of nervous anxiety in my life, which I have traced back to my quick and reckless intellect firing off thoughts without concern about what they are doing to me emotionally.

            In Dhruva I am a double Punarvasu, which is taking some getting used to. But the description fits me fairly well, and throughout my life I have been focused on how to apply my thoughts towards nurturing (I have a degree in nutrition).

            My Mercury goes from Pushya to Aslesha! Now that makes sense too, it replaces the sharpness lost in Ardra, and explains my shapeshifting nature. Although that could also be explained by my Pisces Moon. There's so many ways to tell the same story, isn't there?

            I will just have to give it time and see which one rises to the surface as the various stories get sifted by my experience. Now I am curious to go back and look where Ardra falls between the two ayanamsas for my chart. Maybe I will connect with that one better.

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              Re: rahu and Ketu change signs today

              Thu, October 19, 2006 - 6:48 PM
              I just checked and for my chart Ardra GP is exactly the same in terms of nakshatras as Lahiri, except that Ketu is in Pushya instead of Punarvasu. Now I remember that from before when I used Ardra GP briefly. I remember that's why it was a much bigger leaper of faith switching to Dhruva GC!

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              Re: rahu and Ketu change signs today

              Thu, October 19, 2006 - 6:54 PM
              Never mind, I have your birth data.

              Well, I would think you'd like your Dhruva one better * just kidding * !

              Anyway, at least it's not a radical change like your Lagna or Moon changing. My most loyal client who had probably gotten the most hours of readings from me had both her Lagna and Moon change signs! Can you believe I did that to her? But she loved it, and she's still coming back and actually the changes made a lot of sense and made her chart clearer to me. Good thing she turned out to be an Aquarius, or she never would have gone for that!


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