Mars Combust - Anger Issues

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Anger is a big problem in life. When Mars becomes combust, like now, anger issues become ripe.

Mars Combust

Combustion is a phenomenon that occurs when a planet gets close to the Sun in the sky relative to our perspective here on Earth. When
this happens the rays of that planet gets 'burnt' up by the Sun. This creates a hyper sensitivity with the things related to that
planet's energy.

This hypersensitivity brings about some irritability, touchiness and potential anger, but can also be a powerful catalyst to
illuminate and purify that planet's energy (illumination and purification are qualities of the Sun). Especially if there are
situations that revolve around power imbalances and the perceived abuse of authority (things related to the Sun), the combust planet
will act out the hyper-sensitivity per its nature and disposition.

* Mercury Combust gives touchiness related to communication
* Venus Combust gives touchiness related to respect issues
* Jupiter Combust gives touchiness related to moral issues
* Mars Combust gives touchiness related to strength and
self-defense issues
* Saturn Combust gives touchiness related to work and
responsibility issues

Of all the planets, Mars is the most succeptible to combustion - with an orb of 17 degrees. This means that for an average of about 45 days each year, Mars is combust. When he is direct (like this year) he will be combust for months. During that time we are more irritable and touchy than at any other time. Also we are much more willing to,... Read the Rest at the BLOG:

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