Effects of a combust and retrograde venus (exalted in navamsa) on relationships

topic posted Thu, March 6, 2008 - 2:36 AM by  ar_si
Dear Members,

I would be grateful if the enlightened memebrs shed some light on this positioning which speficially refers to my own case.

I have a retrograde, combust Venus conjunct Sun and Mercury in the third house of Capricorn. I happened to read somewhere that a planet's powers/attributed tend to get diminished when that planet is in close proximity wiht the Sun, also negaitng some of the potential positive affects of the Sun. Is it really so?

I have been involved in a gruelling, dissapointing and confusing relationship for eight long years and this has made me seek a spiritutal path. Also, it has made me much more sentitive and sympathetic towards other people. However, the emptiness remains and has triggered several depressive feelings inside me. Now while I am not aksing anybody to give predictions about my future, I would really appreciate if somebody suggested ways to migitate the ill-efects of this planet. Also, a deeper analysis of the placement of Venus vis-a-vis the Sun

My Birth Data is as follows:

Birthday: 20 Jan, 1982,
Place:Trivandrum, Kerala, India,
Time: 2: 41 a.m.

Looking forward to the replies.

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  • When a planet is combust it harms the external significations but can enhance the internal ones.
    In other words when talking about your Venus, whereas love, the partner, marriage are weakened, the sense of beauty, aesthetics, justice, art and creativity are heightened.
    It can gives delayed marriage, unhappy first marriage, unusual/unconventional relationships.

    Venus/Sun can also favour spirituality but since your Venus is 7 from AL and malefics are in 3 and 6 you wouldn’t be a renunciate.

    7 from Venus is important to see the spouse. In your case Venus is 7th lord and karaka. Lord of 7 from Venus is Moon weakened in Scorpio.
    Also Jupiter is karaka for the partner for a woman and weakened in the 12th house – this could mean that it’d be taking some time for you to meet your partner; that he would be from a different region even country and from a different background.

    Combustions are tricky.

    The retrograde factor when it comes to Venus in my view shows a degree of confusion and hurt from the past lives, that need to be revisited in this life – for understanding.
    The retrograde motion make the effects more pronounced, felt more.

    Your Venus is in exaltation in the navamsha which strengthens it considerably – it is good for spiritual practice and is helpful for relationships.
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    Hello Arpit,

    Retrograde Venus is not considered to be combust. When Venus is retrograde and conjunct the Sun, that is the strongest that Venus gets in its cycle. When Venus is retrograde, that means it is closer to the Earth, so instead of being on the other side of the Sun from the Earth, which is a state of true combustion, Venus actually gains power and energy from the light of the Sun that is transmitted through it.

    The retrograde/combustion cycle of planets is measured by cheshta bala. Cheshta bala is one of the factors of strength used in shadbala, but it is also factored along with a planet's uccha bala (exaltation strength) to arrive at the ishta. The ishta is a planet's auspiciousness strength, or its ability to give good effects in the chart. Venus in Capricorn, retrograde and conjunct the Sun will have very high ishta, as the cheshta bala and uccha bala will both be high.

    In seeming contradiction, any planet that is in the same house as the Sun will suffer some. Being with the Sun is the deeptaadi avastha called kopi, which means angry or frustrated. Planets with the Sun feel like they can never quite measure up to the expectation, and this lives them feeling angry. That said, Venus and Mercury are often with the Sun in the rasi chart, so their kopi condition should not be given too much weight.

    For relationship predictions, you really have to look at the navamsa chart, especially in light of your current dasas.

    I hope this helps.

    • David,
      what's your opinion on Venus R potentially causing confusion in love matters and a strong desire from the past lives to work on these issues?

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        I have not heard this before, but that doesn't mean it's not true. I do think a lot of Western astrology ideas about retrograde have crept into Vedic astrology.

        According to my current understanding, in the natal chart retrograde planets are stronger, showing more confidence in the area of life represented by the planet.

        Retrograde Venus shows somebody with confidence in social situations, relationships, and in their ability to attract people. But remember, retrograde is part of a larger cycle. To really understand the relative strength of a graha based on its motion, look at its cheshta bala. That is more precise than just looking at retrograde, combust, etc.

        I'm not so certain about the effects of retrograde planets by transit.

        • You might be right about Western astrology notions have crept in Vedic... I don't know either !
          Still, I have noticed that, what i said up above on Venus. I think that Venus R creates difficulties in love - and sometimes it can also show preference of own-sex company or intimate same-sex relationships. whichever way, not mainstream approach to love: high idealism or celibacy, extreme-like attitudes, hence the confusion.

          According to my understanding R planets can exhibit more of what they have - whether positive or negative attributes.
          I also think that R planets throw off their energy, which is not allowed to flow freely/in a normal fashion. The house where it is positioned wouldn't function quite properly/at its best.
          I hear you on the chesta bala - have to work on it.

          There's another thing about whether the influence of such a planet is felt on the previous sign or not. I kind of feel so - but then I do have a R planet.:)
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            Parasara says the reverse of what you are saying. Retrograde planets (high in cheshta bala) have a higher ishta, so they will tend to have more positive effects on the house they are in and the houses and planets that they aspect in the chart.

            I have retrograde Venus, but I also have Venus with Saturn. I have experienced some of what you are saying. I really struggled with my sexuality for years and it was a major issue. I also have had what felt like a "karmic" relationship that helped me to unearth a lot of deep-seated fears that probably came from past lives. But, I attribute that to the Venus/Saturn conjunction, as well as Venus in the 6th with Ketu in the navamsa.

            Socially I am very confident, and I feel confident that people will like me, etc. That is a retrograde Venus person, in my opinion.

            • Attika and David,

              Great Discussion here about Retrograde.. I commend you r courage! -- a tough subject..

              IMO - You both are right. Here is why.

              Obviously there's going to be some source of strength shown a retrograde planet, simply because it's closer to the Earth and the proximity of the planet to the Earth is going to increase a certain quality of strength.

              Yet, its proximity gives it an apparent backward motion and our life on Earth is moving forward. The world of physical time lived through our physical bodies on earth moves forward. It began with the birth of our bodies and will end with the death of our bodies.

              When you look at a retrograde planet it is brighter than at any other time relative to other factors. And it is moving backwards relative to our life on earth which moves forward. The brightness is related to its light, it's higher light body of wisdom, its backward motion makes it more of an internal factor in our consciousness. This is huge. The planet becomes an internal force of wisdom. What I have seen in natal charts, almost without fail, is the spiritual qualities of the planet become very developed, intimate and powerful forces in our consciousness.

              Yet, bringing those things out into the forward moving world of physical time on earth, live through our bodies, etc. is a source of confusion. That confusion revolves around whichever houses the planet rules, as it is through the houses that our life on Earth gets lived.

              So, whereas the planet may be confident internally, externally it is confusing. Much of the time because the energy feel so pure inside that "using" that energy externally feels almost cheap or unworthy. Like the artist who would never "make money" from his art. So, he worked in a restaurant for 40 years, then goes home and creates amazing masterworks of art that no one ever knows about because he has no idea how to bring that into the world.

              The internal and external processes of planets are separate from each other. Knowing which attributes refer to internal and external behaviors is important part of astrology. What I see over and over again is that the external hesitation of the retrograde planet CREATES the internal drama that brings us closer to its lesson. So for instance, with the example above, the angst of the amazing artist toiling away in obscurity through a humdrum life will be the catalyst that creates the amazing art that no one ever sees, etc..

              The pure nature of each planet as a psycho-spiritual influence is referred to by the processes through which it teaches us and the things it gives to us as a karaka - Mars-strength, Jupiter-wisdom, venus-happiness, etc. Yet the fields through which the planet expresses those things will be a source of confusion in the retrograde planet.

              I disagree with the blanket notion that a retrograde planet gives us "confidence" per se. Perhaps more internal confidence, because we have to face that issue in our life over and over again. But I would not call that confidence. In fact I think it's just the opposite. We lack confidence with that thing, we hesitate using it externally. It's more of an internal factor. But confidence in the sense that David referred to, with the general quality of Venus - thinking people will like him, social comfort, etc. make sense. Yet expressing that deeply is not so easy. Sexuality being the example he uses. But perhaps art would be another. Obviously creating art is easy for David, but making a full-time living through his art or teaching, etc. has been harder and more confusing.

              What I generally notice when I see a retrograde planet is that the person will intimately understand the psychological development and the spiritual direction of that planetary force. Yet bringing it into the world, manifesting something in a world with it will be hard to come by, for whatever reason. There is hesitation expressing that thing externally.

              I have Saturn retrograde, in the eighth house. In some ways, this is an ideal retrograde placement, especially where he is. Having the eighth house ruler retrograde in the eighth house shows I will become internally directed toward facing my fears and strengthening them. Yet, I had an incredibly rough childhood with a lot of violence, crushing levels of aloneness, etc. - It is a heavy, heavy placement. Plus, in my case, I had Saturn dasa start when I was nine years old - so those chickens hatched!! :) -- But there are really not a lot of external things we do through the eighth house, so the internal nature of this placement is quite fortuitous. However, this is also the ninth house ruler in the eighth house. (Gemini ascendant) As much as I have been doing spiritual practices my entire life, I did not had the luck to find my guru until I was almost 40. I had no idea how to put my teachings and deep personal philosophies into practice until I was almost 40. For nearly 20 years this was very painful and led to a certain, coldness and bitterness (Saturn).

              The other thing I have to say is retrograde planets do not support health generally.
              • hare rama krsna,

                Dearest SadaShiva,Namaskar.
                Excellent write up on retrograde planets.Coudnt agree much.I will just place my view which i have learned from GuruVistiji,Retrograde planets definitely are a tricky situation to be analysed in a chart..with what i have heard,read and applied in charts so far that they definitely have a strong influence in effecting the mental plane of the native..the retrograde planet exposes the natives especially to that area which is not a part of percieved reality or simple words "normalisation".Retrograde planets especially when placed in the houses related to kundalini like 7th and 8th but there is no denying that retrograde planets do have great strength in bringing about changes in ones life although such a change is very subtle to be felt.

                WELL 8th house retro saturn is definitely great considering the spirtual potential of the native whereby saturn can generate internal strength to accelerate saturn related activities.saturn denotes traditional things from traditional astrology to traditional occult related arts...

                • Generally when a planet is retro as well as combust the effects of combustion get almost nullified. Exception is venus, since astronomicall it is the only planet that moves in oppsosite direction around the sun compared to other planets. Hence for venus retro and combust both efefcts work.

                  For a retrograde planet it is vital to see if the planet is approaching retrogression peak or going out of the peak. One approaching peak is filled with desired. And if it happens to be a tamasic graha by inherent nature, then thats a problem! It indicates the graha will try to make the individual stop at nothing to achieve its goals. In case of a rajasik graha like shukra or budha, one becomes very precise and ordered in their approach. For a sattwik like Jup, it gives impeccable character.

                  On the other hand a graha coming out of retrogression has lot all desires. A malefic is not taht bad in this case (again depends on placement and exhaltaion/debiliation).. jup is such a state is not good.. as it has nothing to give to teh native.. it has given up desires so teh benificiance has also vanished. If a retrograde graha is debiliated however, that makes it strive for exhaltation. A malefic retro and debiliated in kendra is excellent. A benific rerto and debiliated in dusthana is good.

                  For combustion, check the degree from sun. If approaching degree of sun, then expect hardships and suffering based on katakattwa of graha. If it has crossed the deg of sun, then it is more an indication of penance on that karakattwa. Coming to terms and hence progressing furthur.

  • i have read retrograde subha planet have more positive effect regarding the house it sits and aspect and papa planet gives the result viseversa.I have gemini ascendent and retero mercury is combust with sun in second house along with retro jupitor in seventh house.I expected some good result according to vedic astrology as both mercury and jupitor are retro and they a subh planet,but my personal experience is that these retro planet harms the place where it sits (i am still unmarried-the 7th house without a reason and i do not find much peace -the 2nd house at my parents house)and decrease the positive effect of place where it aspects.Can any one analize it accorfing to vedic astrology.david and attiik kindly comment

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