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topic posted Thu, February 28, 2008 - 6:58 AM by  Attikka
I always wondered what it meant when the Sun and the Moon share the same sign.
Is it uncommon? I have come across very few charts with this combination.
How does it manifest? Is it like a better balance of Ying/Yang energies? Does it make the person more spiritual? Does it give a better sense of purpose to the person? (Su: soul + Mo: mind ) Which of the two benefit the most from this placement, the Sun or the Moon?
Please share your views especially those who have this combination or know somebody who does !
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  • Interesting you should mention this. I personally have Sun and Moon in the same sign. Not sure if it has given me resoluteness of purpose but certainly I'm spiritually curious always harkening back to find out more that can bring me in tune with great spiritual energies. That explains my interest in vedic astrology. But there are other dynamics and variables at play - my Moon is debilitated (being in Scorpio) and Sun is my badhakesh (Libra lagna). It has translated into emotional turbulences but definitely given me the fortitude for relentless persistence in face of odds. Chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra is a great way to balance the energies of Sun and Moon.
    • Hi Alok,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. The mystical potential in Scorpio probably adds to your depth when on a spiritual quest but yes, Scorpio is the 8th house of the zodiac so it probably can't help but give turbulences.
      I have a friend who's also Libra rising and she has Moon Sun in Taurus so it's her 8th house and she has difficulties with her parents and she's hard to get to know.
      Do you feel that having Sun and Moon together balances out your point of view on male & female within you?
      And since your Sun and Moon are in the 2nd, do you feel a very strong bond with your family? do you think that your parents - Mo, Su - were a strong influence in your childhood?
      • "And since your Sun and Moon are in the 2nd, do you feel a very strong bond with your family? do you think that your parents - Mo, Su - were a strong influence in your childhood?"
        >> Absolutely! Could'nt agree more. My parents (especially mom) was (and continues to be) a very strong influence. I certainly have strong bonds with my immediate close family.
        What I have found for Libra Lagna is that the placement of Sun (badhakesh) is of paramount importance. With Sun in my 2nd house and lord of 11th, appeasement of Sun assumes great importance.
        • Thanks for your contribution Alok.
          I, personally, don't pay much heed to this badhak concept. But I would have thought that "appeasement" of your Moon to be of greater importance than of the Sun's. Simply because the Moon is in a more vulnerable position placed in Scorpio AND conjunct with the Sun, than the Sun would be by this placement. That's just my thoughts there.
          • No doubt the Moon needs to be desperately "uplifted" by virtue of its placement in my chart. That can be taken for granted by a cursory glance at my chart with Moon placed in Scorpio. I was referring to other planets that constitute potential obstructions that might need to be remedied. Thanks for your input though, Attikka.
            • When the sun moon conjuncts in a sign do check if the birth tithi is amavashya. Then that can be a lot of problem for the native in material life. Remedies become necessary.

              On a seperate note, amavasha is like one of these rare periods of time where the enegies in nature take a different turn and the nadis inside your astral body start vibrating in a diff way. This highlty conducive for spiritual growth IF one knows methods. But for things of a material nature, this can be quite harmful. It is somewhat like the energy inside an eclipse. Or the energy of a cremation ground. There are special sadhanas that can be done on a amavashya depending on the flow of breath in ones nostrils.

              The sun and the moon coming too close is almost analogically like the mind (moon) stopping for the sun(atma) to shine form. The mind is the best and teh worst weapon for spiritual growth. But then for ordinaryu individual the sun mostlty relates to the ego more than the atma (hardly anyone of us knows what the atma really is!) and moon to emotions and that causes strange and not so favourable material manifestation.
              • In this case the tithi is Shukla dwitiya - which would be the 2nd day of the bright lunar fortnight - 2 days removed from amavashya. However, the Sun and Moon are separated by almost 26 degrees and in different nakshatras so technically not a conjunction. The moon is painfully close to the gandanta so other issues come to fore.
                • thank you for your contribution Alok.

                  "The moon is painfully close to the gandanta so other issues come to fore."

                  what is gandanta? and what are the issues you're talking about please?!


                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    thank you for your contribution also.

                    "If born on dwitiya tithi on a monday, moon's karatattwas may cause a problem.. like there could have been some problem with her mother, or if it associates with the 8th/6th house.. some health issue.. but generally mother have some problems.."

                    what is "karatattwas" please? More details please!

                    The Ascendant is Capricorn. Moon & Sun are in the 4th in Aries. Moon is lord of 7th and Sun is lord of 8th.

                    She did have some problems with her mother, like lack of comfort, but she stayed close and devoted to her mother all her life.
                    She has on going health issues but nothing life threatening (she did once) but she's chronically ill.

                    • Normally a tattwa conflict as per the panchang may not always cause any severe health issue.. it needs to be supported by other combinations in the chart..but the karakattwa of moon is mind/mother.. so as u said she had problems with her mother.. Again moon is with sun which is the 8th lord.. btu moon has digbala.. and not being a tight conjucntion maybe taht helped in making her devoted..
                      so the basic point is when the tithi lord and vara lord are same then that planet causes some problems..
                      • Also moon being the 7th house lord, it will indicate some porblems (maybe health related) regading your father. Or if your mother were to enter a business and a partnership then the partner may suffer.. secondly see if any arudha falls in cancer.. that will show more specifric areas..

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