Substitute GEMSTONE for VENUS and SATURN?

topic posted Tue, September 23, 2008 - 9:12 PM by  biswa4u
Hello everybody...Could anyone can tell me about good substitutes for DIAMOND and BLUE SAPPHIRE? I need some real life experiences as well as the proper colour and weight of the substitute gemstones for recommendations.
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  • Namaskar Biswajit,
    You can try either brazillian emerald or there is one particular semi-precious stone which is equally good if not better called as Blue Apatite.
    • From my current understandings....find in various texts...are as follows...but I need some real life experience for that...

      Substitute gem for VENUS.....
      1. White Zircon
      2. White Sapphire
      3. White Coral (little finger)
      4. White Pearl (little finger)
      5. White Opal
      6. Colourless Rock Cryatal

      Substitute gem for SATURN....
      1. Amethyst
      2. Lapis Lazuli (also works for ketu)

      • I think I already mentioned in earlier threads. You can use any gem and if you see it does not work within three days just donate it. If it's for watery sign then first drown it and then donate. For airy/firey signs only prayers are good enough. If you are rich then wear them and enjoy too.

        It's very simple.

        Otherwise the safest bet is use GEMS only for trine houses from dasa lord/Sun/Moon/ASC and find an optimal common denominator.
        • gr8! good advice for the airy / firey etc... but is there any good reason to count which is better among substitutes?

          Anyway, thanks Bhuwan
          • Namaskar Biswajit,
            you dont need to wear 10stones . The above stone is used for saturn-venus combination..... like wise braziliam,columbian and venezuelian emerald....
            • Why you are suggesting EMERALD for SATURN VENUS combination? Is it come from the sense of BLUE + YELLOW = GREEN?

              Let me know! I have not listen it before!
              • Namaskar,

                for saturn-venus - best semi-precious stone is Blue Apatite

                emerald generally works for mercury but brazillian emerald seems to work for saturn-ven-mer. This is as per Pandit KP Tripati who has done an extensive research on use of gemstones.

                Recently, i have been studying about agate and amber. If you want to try out something which is light on your pocket- then do give a try on Agate .The hindi name is haqik . You can try out sulemani hakik which is a bit translucent and has white spherical lines on it.
                Take care.
                • Could you please discuss more on other substitute gemstones? Its very interesting....In Kolkata...there is no good source of Astrology Books...almost all books are preliminary...I have found HAKAK is AGATE and found on various colours...could you discuss on the various colours and effects on variations...regards

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