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topic posted Sun, March 23, 2008 - 5:47 AM by  mermaid goddess
Been recently getting into Vedic Astrology and was a bit horrified to learn I was a Scorpio Lagna with Ketu ruling in Moola Constellation. All 3 are malefic according to the reports I've read. Moola in particular means I'm going to have a 'hard' life which in some respects is true. But luckily for me i'm in the 4th pada (last section of Moola) which means it's effects are a lot more neutral.

Is Ketu as your ruler such a horrific thing? Jupiter is my lord, and my moon is Saggitarius, my sun pisces.

My D.o.B is 23/02/1979, 00.40am place of birth Kogarah, Sydney Australia.

Can anybody help me analyse my chart for strengths and weaknesses? Thanks in advance!!!
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mermaid goddess
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    Sun, March 23, 2008 - 7:16 AM
    dear mermaid godess,


    Natal Chart

    Date: February 23, 1979
    Time: 0:40:00
    Time Zone: 11:00:00 (East of GMT)
    Place: 151 E 07' 00", 33 S 59' 00"
    Kogarah, Australia
    Altitude: 0.00 meters

    Lunar Yr-Mo: Kaala-yukta - Magha
    Tithi: Krishna Ekadasi (Ma) (79.76% left)
    Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
    Nakshatra: Moola (Ke) (8.45% left)
    Yoga: Siddhi (Ma) (85.12% left)
    Karana: Bava (Su) (59.51% left)
    Hora Lord: Mercury (5 min sign: Ge)
    Mahakala Hora: Venus (5 min sign: Cp)
    Kaala Lord: Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)

    Mermaid - Vedic astrology has too many rules and too many dictums that can only be grasped after years of practise and learning under a compotent Guru or teacher.However,once glance at your chart and definitely your ketu was very eye catching.
    trines to your D9 or navamsa ascendent is ketu in 5th and saturn jupiter in 9th which has its own singnificance.
    ketu is known for philosophical or occult abilities however ketu is involved in a parivartana with venus which changes peoples outlook towards spirtuality.Whenever there is a venusian influence a person tries to explore spirtuality and philosophy on their own without giving much to the established norms and views.
    ketu in venusian sign and in a parivartana will give one spirtuality and creativity in venusian lifestyle.
    jup and saturn are retrograde and in 9th house -- which creates confussion with the native whether to completely believe something or whether to doubt ...thus this will be a struggle which is more internal and this is attributed to faith of the person...however jupiter is retrograde and exalted in rasi chart hence its my feeling in the end jupiter influence will prevail..

    going by the nakshatramasa chart d27-- whereby ketu is in a fiery sign along with mars and mercury..hence with the equation of saturn-jupiter in d9 in 9th house which is the 7th house from 3rd house of d9 -- 3rd house in d9 shows the abilities of hand ,..jup-saturn aspecting the 3rd from 9th house will give the native the writing abilities with philosophical drewdrops over it....

    well with what i see as an area of concern would be venus -- VENUS is the AK atmakaraka and is placed with moon in 2nd house in rasi chart--- you are undergoing MOON MAHADASHA
    Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

    Moon MD: 2005-09-30 (4:46:28) - 2015-09-30 (18:16:09)

    Antardasas in this MD:

    Moon: 2005-09-30 (4:46:28) - 2006-07-30 (10:16:11)
    Mars: 2006-07-30 (10:16:11) - 2007-02-26 (3:43:22)
    Rah: 2007-02-26 (3:43:22) - 2008-08-30 (4:08:52)
    Jup: 2008-08-30 (4:08:52) - 2009-12-28 (19:35:49)
    Sat: 2009-12-28 (19:35:49) - 2011-07-30 (17:03:45)
    Merc: 2011-07-30 (17:03:45) - 2012-12-28 (14:00:23)
    Ket: 2012-12-28 (14:00:23) - 2013-07-30 (5:32:10)
    Ven: 2013-07-30 (5:32:10) - 2015-03-28 (6:32:29)
    Sun: 2015-03-28 (6:32:29) - 2015-09-30 (18:16:09)

    moon-venus combination in 2nd house of rasi and moon is in parivartana with jupiter which is retrograde with a7 ..moon is the dispositor of a7 which is in trines to rahu -- this can show relationship problems and a deceit ....i woudnt go in detail to the dept of the relationship issues ...
    i guess this will suffice :)..

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      Sun, March 23, 2008 - 11:48 AM
      Hi Mermaid,

      Your chart is interesting indeed.
      First, your lagna is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars; so Mars is your lagna ruler. Mars is positioned in Aquarius.
      Second, your lagna is in the Nakshatra of Jyestha which is meant to be a powerful junction. It could give a strong sense of destiny where one has to struggle with lower (=material) and higher (=spiritual) desires. The struggle takes place when the soul is not quite ready. Jyestha means the middle finger, the eldest sister, and can indicate a status of leadership/authority. Ruler of Jyestha is Mercury positioned in Aquarius.
      Then the Moon is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is strong in Cancer (exalted) giving strength & power to your Moon.
      The Moon is indeed in the Nakshatra of Mula, ruled by Ketu. Mula is considered difficult because it is the place where a spiritual development is made possible, and as our life on earth is primarily "material" hence the "difficult" notion attached to this Nakshatra. This is the Nakshatra of initiation towards spiritual realisation, that's why it is ruled by Keu. This Nakshatra is in the sign of Sagittarius entirely, so that there is a co-rulership between Ketu and Jupiter. The Jupiter side here represents wisdom and the Ketu side represents the subconscious, the past karma we carry with us hidden in our psyche. If this Nakshatra is not used properly it can lead to abuse of power.
      Where your Ketu is positioned in your chart is in Aquarius, in Purva Bhada ruled by Jupiter.
      The fact that you have many planets with Ketu : Mars, Mercury, Sun in the sign of Aquarius, what these planets represent and the sign they're in, show areas that you've already developed in your past (lives), they are latent knowledge/talent.
      To me what's striking with your chart is the strong Jupiter and the sign of Aquarius - and well also Saturn with Rahu in Leo.
      I think these can guide you towards spiritual development.
      There's a lot of fire in your chart, that is passion, drive and a lot of air, that is flexibility, adaptability and some water, that is intuition, compassion. The lack of earth shows to me that the material world won't be a priority.
      Like Lord Anonymous, I agree very much that you need a teacher. Vedic astrology is highly complex and it's important to guard oneself from jumping to conclusions too fast. Years of study and practice are needed.
      I hope my contribution was interesting for you.
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        Re: Ketu in Lagna

        Fri, July 25, 2008 - 5:13 AM
        My son was born on 18.05.2008 at 11:46 in Baden, switzerland (47N28, 8E18) He has Cancer lagna with Ketu and Mars in it.
        Could you let me know what are the plus points and minus poiints in his horoscope.

        His Planet details are..
        As 22:47 Cn
        Su 03:51 Ta
        Mo 15:24 Li
        Ma 10:40 Cn
        Me 24:52 Ta
        JuR 28:15 Sg
        Ve 27:59 Ar
        Sa 07:55 Le
        Ra 28:50 Cp
        Ke 28:50 Cn


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